Hang Out at Café De One Piece(원피스 카페) in Hongdae

If ever you find yourself wandering at Hongdae one of these days, don’t be surprised if you’ll see a pirate ship anchored in the middle of the city. Don’t panic, no don’t do that! Don’t run, no never! Don’t hide and don’t wonder. There are no pirates, there’s no ocean, it’s just a café. The Café De One Piece is a giant pirate ship café at Hongdae, South Korea.

Cafe De One Piece in Hongdae

I heard about its opening last year, but I never really had a chance or even the urge to visit the café. I was at Hongdae last week with my friends, and we decided to drop by at the café just to see how it is a bandwagon in Seoul nowadays. When we arrived at the café, there was a long line outside. It’s crazy because people are willing to wait outside even if it means standing in a very windy and cold open area. One must be an avid fan of this anime to be willing to go through all the troubles of waiting and freezing. Since we were not a fan, and I didn’t even watch a single episode of this anime, we just gave it to them. We never really entered the café, but we were contented just looking around the area and to its glorious figure that is a pirate ship.

The head of the pirate ship

Outside the café are the standees of some characters of the anime. As expected, I don’t recognize any of them, but it’s perfect for people who want to have a selfie or photo opportunity with the characters.

The cut outs of the characters
(c) Anny Martinez

We didn’t get a chance to see what’s inside the café because it was too crowded when we went there, but I like how they invested on their cups and stirrers. When you order a drink, your cup has “Café De One Piece” print on it, and the stirrer has a flag to make it even more appealing to the customers.

Cafe De One piece prints on the cups
(c) Arman Carinan

The Prices of beverages and desserts range from 3,500 won up to 6,000 won. But I heard that their novelty cakes are way too expensive for the price of 40,000 won up to 80,000 won, so you better careful when you order and double check the price if you don’t want to pay a piece of cake for that price. Take a look at their menu first before ordering.

The bar inside the cafe
(c) Arman Carinan

If you feel like hanging out at Café De One Piece because 1) You’re a fan of the anime, 2) You want to ride on the bandwagon, 3) You want to wait for more than 1 hour to enter the café, or for whatever reasons you have in mind, the address of the café is this:

Address: 343-10 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

In front of th cafe

The café is open from Sunday to Saturday, from 10 am up to 10 pm.

To get there via subway, take Subway Line Number 2 (Green Line) and get off at Hongik University Station. Go to Exit 9 and walk towards the main gate of the Hongik University. The café is located beside the Starbucks Café.