Philippine EPS Center Hosted Networking and Job Fair for EPS Returnee Workers

Last September 16, 2017, more than hundred of EPS Returnee Workers gathered at the Mandaluyong City Hall to attend the event called Networking and Job Fair hosted by the Philippine EPS Center.

The event was conducted to open opportunities of local jobs for both Korean and Global companies in the Philippines like SBS Philippines, Asialink, Keyland, GoodMorning International, Industrial Bank of Korea, Kotra, and a lot more.

The EPS returnee workers, mostly from Luzon area, submitted their resume for the job position they wanted to apply to the respective companies. Some of the jobs require a little bit of Korean and English language skills. There are different kinds of jobs available for the interested applicants. Some companies are looking for Interpreters, IT support, programmers, accounting staff and even call center agents for Korean customers.

Some of the jobs promised a good amount of salary to the qualified applicants. For example, the Korean company JK Network Services offer salary range from 60,000 pesos up to 100,000 pesos every month for positions like Korean Casino Dealer, Korean Data Analysts, Korean Consumer Good Support and a lot more.

This kind of event is a perfect reminder to every returning EPS worker that there's life after Korea. Hopefully, the job fair had opened the new door and career path to the attendees. It was such a great opportunity so that every returning OFW from Korea will no longer need to leave Philippines and work abroad.