Medical Korea Information Center- The Shield of Foreign Patients in Korea

When I was in Korea, I experienced being confined in a hospital. I went through a minor surgery and it took me three days before I was able to fully recover from the medication. The hospital experience was not pleasant seeing that I was sick and I was alone. There's no family member to watch over me and my needs. I did it all alone. However, due to complete hospital facilities, caring nurses and doctors and clean environment, I found comfort and convenience in my confinement in a foreign hospital. I wished there's a community or organization for foreigners that could replace the absence of the family members. As a foreigner, I must say that it's hard to undergo medication in a foreign land.

There's a good news for all the foreigners in South Korea though. There's this service called Medical Korea Information Center where foreign patients can receive comprehensive and trustworthy support. Not all foreigners know how to speak Korean, the center will provide exact translation and other legal aids you need as a foreigner. The services are available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and even Arabic. They have competitive staffs that can deliver professional and medical information. The credibility of the center is anchored with the fact that it is being supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea and is being operated by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute.

How can Medical Korea Information Center help you as a foreign patient? First and foremost, if you are a foreigner outside Korea and you wish to go to Korea to undergo medication, the center can actually help you by providing consultation on immigration and visa issuance. They also provide information on health institutions and medical services, so you can guarantee you get the right hospital and right services based on your circumstances. They can also support you in reservation of medical services you needed. In the event that you want to undergo cosmetic surgery in Korea, as a foreigner, you are entitled for a VAT refund. The center can help you claim your tax refund. It will also translate all your medical records so you can get it in the language you can understand. Not only that, the center can also help you find a good place to stay in Korea, suggest places where you can experience Korean cuisine and even guide you through famous tourist spots in the country.
In the event that you may encounter malpractice in your medication, the center will be there to hear your complaints. It will then coordinate between you and the medical service providers. In case you have proof of medical malpractice, the center will help you go through filing medical malpractice suits. It also offers legal information related to arbitration and mediation. So the center will be your assurance that in case something go wrong with the medication process, you can get the justice you deserve. We all know it's hard to prove your point if you don't speak the country's language. The center will stand right beside you while you investigate the problem.

The medical Korean Information Center also provides consultation on illegal broker and other related issues concerning this. It also provides information on report reward on illegal broker and reporting them afterwards.

If you wish to know more about Medical Korea Information Center, you can contact them via phone or online board. Their office is located at the 2F, Shinil Building, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. You can call them at the telephone number 1577-7129. If you want to call outside Korea, you can dial +82-1577-7129. Visit their website at and email They are open from 9:00 am up to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.