MISSION RUN - The Fun Way to Tour Seoul with TRIS

During my last month stay in South Korea, I had this opportunity to join a scavenger hunt game in Seoul organized by Soul of Seoul. Our group, composed of four Filipino expatriates in South Korea, had competed against other groups coming from different countries, mostly working as English Teachers in South Korea. We've done several tasks to earn points which was the basis for winning. We cooked Korean pancake called Pajeon in a local  restaurant, visited a photography studio for some fun photo session, located several tourist spots in Seoul like Han Gang River and interacted with the locals to do some challenges, all for the sake of points. Well, we didn't win, but what we realized about that game was, we got to know more about Seoul. It was a fun way of educating ourselves about the culture of Korea and the hidden gems of Seoul.

Now, here's the news! You can now tour Seoul in the most unconventional but exciting and fun way! Introducing the Mission Run, a program formulated by the newest and most reliable travel organizer called TRIS. TRIS is a tour company in South Korea managed by talented locals of the country. It's a platform where you can request a proposal to tailor your travel in South Korea the way you want it. One of the services they offer is to organize a Scavenger Hunt-ish way of discovering the beauty of Seoul under the program called MISSION RUN. If you want to know more about TRIS, you can CLICK THIS LINK for more information.

If you are a fan of South Korea, as influenced by HALLYU, you maybe familiar with a TV program called “RUNNING MAN”.  Well, you can be a star of your own show if you will subscribe to the Mission Run program of this company. You will go complete different missions a la Running Man. This mission is composed of challenges as setup by TRIS staff, and while you do complete the challenges, you actually get to know Seoul better as part of your tour. TRIS will not only provide the mission set up but they will also send camera crew, producers and editors that will document your mission. The video below is a sample of what will you about to embark if you will choose Mission Run as your tour program in Seoul.

If you are up for a challenge and if you want to know Seoul better in a fun way, let's talk and I will help you connect with TRIS to make all these things possible. You can send me email at saranghaekorea0824@gmail.com or drop a comment for your inquiries.