Liing Falls- The Magical 3 Falls of Acmonan

One of the 3 Falls of Acmonan

After accomplishing our mission to the B'laan kids of Mt. Kafoc in Acmonan, Tupi, South Cotabato, we decided to do something fun before we left the mountain that day. Rumor has it that the mountain is hiding something beautiful and it is located right in the heart of Sitio Kafoc. On the other side of the mountain, there lies the three falls called Liing Falls flowing abundantly in the bosom of the forest. Although it sounds fun, a little caveat though about the trail to the falls, it's not easy, and will never be easy.

Steep trail to the Falls

At first, it was a walk in the park when we left the camping site at the summit of Mt. Kafoc. But when we took the diversion road that will lead us to the hidden falls, everything has changed. I noticed that the trail is getting steeper and steeper. We relied mainly on the strength of our knees and the braking prowess of our shoes. We were defying gravity in an expense of our hiking footwear. The trail was not only steep, it's also muddy and wet as it rained hard the night before our trek. We started to feel the pressure on our knees. We continued to trek down the mountain anyway.

Despite the odds, the view from the mountain  while we're trekking was overwhelming. The giant figure of Mt. Matutum, the green luscious color of the mountain, the presence of the big trees all around us, the flowing water coming from God knows where and several rivers we passed through are all sources of our motivation to continue the trail. I know there's something amazing waiting for us, so despite us getting wet as we cross some random rivers, we did not surrender.

After more than an hour of trekking to the mountains and the forest, we finally arrived at our destination, the three falls of Liing. Everything in this falls is so enticing. The rock formation, the water flowing from the falls and even the ambiance. It is definitely a place where nature lovers would love to stay. We enjoyed the water as much as we enjoyed hibernating by the rocks of the Liing Falls.

Liing Falls is a series of three falls flowing magnificently right in the heart of the mountain. The first fall is the biggest of all three, then followed by the smallest one. You will encounter the third falls when you do rock climbing to visit the second falls.

According to the legend, Liing is the name of the fairy protecting the cascading three falls of Acmonan, the B'laan tribes named the falls after its protector. When you climb Mt. Kafoc, you can side trip to Liing Falls to experience its beauty. As of now, the falls is open for mountain climbers and anyone who wants to visit it. You may need to go through proper channel to get permission to go there.