Get High at Skyway Lantaw Marbel

In the early 2000s, when I was still studying at the University in Koronadal City, I was a frequent visitor of Lantaw Marbel. It was not fully developed yet then but I love the fact that at its elevated location, you can actually see the whole city of Koronadal. I haven't visited the place at day time, but accordingly, the place offers the view of Mt. Matutum. For the several times that I visited the place, I always go there at night time not because I want to join my friends with their drinking session in the area but because I want to see the city from the top at night time. Just imagine the view of colorful lights emitting from different buildings in the city. Add to that the view of moving vehicles that look like fireflies when you look at it from the top.


For a start, Lantaw Marbel means “See or Look Marbel”. As I've described earlier, this is one spot in the city where you can see the whole city. Going there was a bit of a challenge before, but with my recent visit, and by recent I mean this 2019, the road is still uphill but now concrete, so it's easier for vehicles to access the place. I still remember going there before riding a tricycle.


The area is high, but still accessible because it's still in the parameter of the city. I love how they have wide area for parking, to accommodate more visitors with their own cars. I must say that accessibility wise, Lantaw Marbel is very much accessible, just don't be intimidated with its “high” status (pun intended).


I guess one of the most important aspect of the restaurant is it offers the experience of looking at the city from the top view. I, for one, look forward to see the city view from Lantaw Marbel than any other amenities that they can offer. The place also offers a forest-y feel as I observed that they really preserved the trees in the area. 

The landscape is awesome I can still appreciate it even at night time, thanks to the beautiful lighting they installed everywhere in the area so that people who visit at night can walk in the pathway safely. There's only one thing I don't like though. Eventhough there are a lot of trees in the surroundings, I felt that the atmosphere was humid when we went there. I think additional ventilation may need to be installed at Skyway restaurant to beat some hot and humid days. And oh yeah, they have Live Bands to handle your entertainment.


Kids won't surely get bored when at Lantaw Marbel because they have playground installed for them. 

The best one so far is the Tarzan Adventure where kids can hold on to a rope and swing like Tarzan. This amenity has a fee though, for only 20 pesos, your kids can enjoy one swing, but if you'll pay 50 pesos, they can swing at an unlimited times. Aside from the playground, they also have wide area of lawn that could pass as a park. You can walk around if you want and feel the fresh air from the mountain. The Skyway Restaurant is one of the most visited place at Lantaw Marbel because this is where you can dine in while overlooking the city of Koronadal.


I must say that there's nothing special to their food. It's just like any ordinary food you can order from any random restaurant. As for us, we ordered Garlic Chicken, Battered Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish and Lechon Kawali. For the dessert, we ordered Leche Flan and Mango Float. If you are just looking to eat good food and not expecting for more, then their food could pass your gastronomic requirements. I must say that for the quality, the food is a little bit pricey. But for the convenient of ordering, I would give it to them. You can actually order in advance via their mobile number 09399393211 or via their Official Facebook page for your convenience. You can also check their Facebook page for the menu and the prices.


If you are more keen on experience, the Skyway Lantaw Marbel is a place to be. If you are on a food trip side of adventure, then you may not enjoy it here. For all who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city without actually leaving the city, then Skyway Lantaw Marbel is your perfect option.