On the Bed of Flowers at Mariano's Blooming Petals Agri Tourism Park

With the flower themed park sprouting like mushrooms in Tupi, South Cotabato, I must say that the municipality of Tupi is the flower town of South Cotabato. With its cool climate and healthy flora and fauna, it's a perfect location to develop a nature-based themed park like that of a flower farm.

One of the pioneering park in this business is I guess the Mariano's Blooming Petals Agri Tourism Park. The garden already exists for quite some times now but I just recently have the chance to visit the place. With the advent of other flower parks in the town, Mariano's Blooming Petals remains the top choice among locals and tourists to visit. But what exactly can we expect in this themed park?

The What!

When at Mariano's Blooming Petals, here are the things you can do there:

1. Enjoy the Sun Flowers

There are a lot of variety of flowers and plants in the flower farm but I believe that the star of the show is the Sunflowers. A parcel of the whole lot is dedicated to the sunflowers plantation where it is so beautiful to look at its full bloom.

2. Take photos with variety of plants and flowers

Aside from the sunflowers, there are other plants and flowers available for your instagram needs. You can pose at the welcome tunnel beautifully decorated by a passion fruit vine. Or at the nearby artificial waterfalls or even at the well groomed landscape inside the park. It's obvious that the management has invested to make the farm aesthetically appealing.

3. Dine in at their cafeteria

For the gastronomes, you can keep cool at their cafeteria where you can order various food and beverages to feed them hungry tummies.

4. Feed the birds

For a fee of P50, you can enter the cage where the cute birds are waiting to be fed by you. The birds seem so friendly and used to mingle with people, just don't hurt them.

5. Walk leisurely, Breath some Fresh air and relax.

I overheard a lady as she's complaining that instead of feeling relaxed looking at the flowers, she was stressed of walking under the heat of the sun. You can only appreciate the park if you know how to stop, relax and smell the flowers. Don't overdo your tour by just taking photos left and right. Remember that your purpose is not only for the photos so you can post it on social media. Your main point of going to the park is to relax and just appreciate the mere beauty of nature. So take your time, stop taking photos and savor the fresh air. OK?

The When!

Now, the big question here is, when is the best time to go there?

As we all know, flowers are seasonal. Flowers don't bloom the whole year, so don't expect to see the sunflowers beaming for the whole year round. As of this writing, sunflowers are blooming in the park. I don't know until when it lasts but it's best to contact the management of the park over at their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bloomingpetalsinc/?ref=page_internal  to make sure that the flowers are in full bloom before you go there.

As for the time, I recommend to go there very early in the morning, like as early as 8 am. Aside from it is a golden hour for photography, the place is not yet crowded at this time, and it is not too hot.

The Where!

The Mariano's Blooming Petals Agri Tourism Park is exactly located at this addres:

Purok 3A, Tupi, South Cotabato.

Aside from their Facebook page, you can also reach them via the number 0918 935 9352 for your inquiries.

The How!

If you have a car, you can navigate through the address given above.

If you will commute, the farm is 800 meters away from the National Highway of the town of Tupi. You can go to Tupi via Bus or Van if you will come from the nearby cities, i.e. Koronadal, Polomolok, General Santos City, etc. You can get off at the Tupi Terminal and ride a motorcycle to the farm. Basic fare is only P10.00 per person.

The entrance fee to the park is only 70 pesos for adult. Estimated time to consume to go around the park is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Here's a short video of my visit to Mariano's Blooming Petals Agri Tourism Park.