Appreciating the Aesthetics of Udo Island

Udo Island is a small island located in Jeju Island.

Whew, that was a lot of “island” right there.

Literally, U-do means “Cow Island” where U means cow and “Do” means island.

Alright, this is an “island”-ful article I'm writing right here.

One best thing that Udo can offer, aside from the relaxing ambiance, fresh air and a great coastal view is the aesthetic beauty of the place. Every corner at Udo is instagrammable and is a great venue for photography and whatnot.

In order to enjoy the beauty of Udo, you need to rent either a bike or motorbike at very affordable price. You can use that to go around the island and you have the whole day to do that.

What exactly can you see around the island?

Well, you'll see different kind of sculptures along the coastal road.

Cafes with colorful designs and decoration.

And a great view of the sea from the road.

There are restaurants that offer food specialties of Udo like seafoods and peanut ice cream. Also, you can see a lot of “tol hareubangs” in the area which serve as the protector of the whole island that guard the locals from bad spirits and elements.

Udo island is located at the northeast of Seongsan. You can reach the place by riding a ferry that operates from 8 am to 6 pm.