How to Make Korean Dalgona(달고나) Cocoa


No doubt, Dalgona Coffee is the official quarantine drink of the world. I don’t know if it’s because of the boredom or people just want to go find something new to cook, but Dalgona coffee, just like Kdrama, is invading everybody’s kitchen in the world.

But do you know that Dalgona is actually a Korean Sponge Candy? It’s a crispy and light sweet candy made with Honeycomb Toffee, Sea Foam candy, sugar and baking soda. Through the element of heat, the ingredient is molded into different shapes until it is crispy and ready to eat.

For the love of coffee, Koreans integrated it with Dalgona and came up with a very refreshing beverage that is Dalgona Coffee (Korean: 달고나커피). From Korea’s streetfood corner, the beverage has traveled so far around the world with different version and style. From coffee, people started to develop a Dalgona Choco so that non coffee drinkers could participate.

As for me, I tried making a different version and I called it Dalgona Cocoa. Here are the ingredients:


    ·  2 tbsp Milk Powder or Fresh Milk
    ·  2 tbsp Cocoa
    ·  4 tbsp white sugar
    ·  1 egg (white only)
    ·  1/2 cup hot water




    1. Mix 2 tbsp (or more) cocoa with 2 tbsp white sugar.
    2. Add ½ cup hot water
    3. Stir well until the mixture is smooth and fine
    4. Set aside



1. Add 1 tbsp sugar to egg white
2. Use a mixer to make a meringue
3. Set aside



1. Mix the remaining 1 tbsp sugar with the 2 tbsp milk
2. Add small amount (probably ¼ glass) of hot water to dissolve the powder
3. Add cold water up to ½ of the glass only
4. Set Aside



1. Now, add your cocoa mixture to meringue
2. Mix well
  1. Dalgona_cocoa_toppings
3. Pour the mixture on top of ½ glass of milk
4. Add more ice



 How about you? Have you tried making your own version of Dalgona Beverage?