Seoul Based Pinoy Develops Online Platform for Filipino Cloudworkers

The COVID19 pandemic is causing millions of Filipinos lost their jobs.  In order to augment income to feed their family, Filipinos are looking for alternatives to earn money in this trying time. One of the many ways to become productive while on quarantine is to get an online job. There are a lot of platforms available online to apply for homebased setup jobs and one of these is the newly published platform called

Nash Ang, a Filipino based in Seoul, South Korea, led the development of this platform. The intention is to provide a venue for Filipino Freelancers to showcase their portfolio and apply for various jobs posted in the website. It’s like a medium where employers and employees could meet to find the perfect fit for the position available.

Cloudworkers is derived from the term “Cloud Work” which is also known as remote or online work. This is an environment where people work at the comfort of their own home. This is not a traditional office setup where workers have to commute to work everyday. Tasks may vary depending on the requirement of the employers who wish to participate in this setup.

You can signup for an account at Signing up is so easy, you just need to fill up the form with your basic details and confirm your account. Once your account is setup, you can post your portfolio by going into the Profile Settings. You can enter more details about you including your work experience, skills and education. After you do this, your profile will be posted in the roster of Freelancers where employers can check, view and save your profile for future references.

If you don’t want to wait to be discovered by employers, you can browse through the job adboard or the list of Employers who registered in the website to view their current job offering. You can choose the available jobs that best suit your skills and experience.

You can also search for jobs based on categories, locations, skills and Project Length. The search function could definitely provide you the details of the jobs based on the parameters you setup. You don’t need to go through each job one by one because of this feature.

However, the site is still new and there’s not much opportunity posted yet in the website as of this writing. As they populate the website in the coming days, you might want to register now and post your profile so that when there are already a lot of job choices in the website, you can easily apply.

For those who want to signup, you can go to and start uploading your profile.