Children’s Day Activities in South Korea

childrens day korea
Children's Day celebration in Korea

The Children’s Day or 어린이날 (eorininal) is a special holiday in South Korea. With its population index getting lower as time goes by, Koreans treat children as precious members of society. However, due to the busy life in Korea, parents tend to spend less time bonding with the kids. Therefore, every 5th of May, Korea commemorates Children’s day so that parents can spend valuable time and bond with their kids.

What do usually Koreans do during this special holiday?

Since this is a no work day, parents plan activities ahead of time to make this day more special for the kids. Here are the common activities during Children’s day in South Korea:

1. Play Games with  kids

children's day games in korea
Children's play games with the adults during Children's day

This activity is done usually by corporations or organizations like churches. They gather together in one venue, conduct different games for kids and for kids at heart. This is some sort of a family day where parents and kids team up to win the games.

2. Go to Amusement Parks

amusement park children's day korea
Amusement park activities during Children's Day

For parents who want to spend quality time with their kids, they usually bring them to amusement parks where kids can enjoy rides and different activities.

3. Picnic

Picnic in Seoul

Korea has plenty of venues perfect for a picnic, like the Han River in Seoul. Usually, parents bring their kids’ favorite food and enjoy the bond in a picnic.

There could be more Children’s day activities aside from these, but these are so far the famous ones. The most important thing is, parents can have the chance to show to their kids that they are being valued, and there are no amount of activities can beat the fact that parents can set aside some time to spend with the children.