Why do Koreans Say "Hwaiting" (화이팅)?


"Hwaiting" is a phrase commonly used by Koreans that can be translated to mean "Let's go!" or "Go for it!" It is often used to show support or encouragement to someone, similar to the English expressions "Good luck!" or "You can do it!"

The word "hwaiting" is actually a transliteration of the Korean word "화이팅," which is derived from the English word "fighting." The use of the English word "fighting" in this context is believed to have originated from the use of the phrase "Let's fight!" as a way to encourage athletes during sporting events.

Today, "hwaiting" has become a widely-used expression of encouragement in Korean culture, and it can be heard in a variety of settings, including sports, academic competitions, and even everyday conversations among friends and family.