Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 Freebies You Can Avail in South Korea

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South Korea might not be the best option if you are looking for a place with an affordable lifestyle. However, not everything about Korea is expensive. Depending on your shopping preferences and the country you are coming from, South Korea is really not an expensive place to live in. While it is true that there are expensive goods and services, there are also some things that you can buy at a very affordable price. In fact, you can get some for FREE. Yes, you read it right, FREE STUFFS exist here in South Korea.

You know when they say “The Best Things in Life Are Free”? I guess it’s true. Sometimes, getting stuffs for free can give more happiness than buying it. Even if you can afford it, there’s some kind of excitement when you can have stuffs for free. My job today is to inform everyone who are here in South Korea, or for those who will visit this country in the future, about the things that you can enjoy for free.

1. Free Medical Service

I was tagged along by colleagues from Sinwoldong Sungkyul Church Foreign Ministry to visit a neighboring church because they were inviting people to avail their free medical service. So we went to the venue and I was amazed with the variety of medical services they offer for free to everyone.

There’s free haircut.

Free dental service.

Free medicines.

Free check up and consultation.

And yes, free oranges.

And look who were the happy campers.

Aside from the churches, the Ministry of Labor of the Government of South Korea also offers the same free service for all foreign workers in South Korea. I have seen them offering it to people at Hyehwa sometimes.

So if you are interested to avail free medical service here in South Korea, ask around the neighborhood especially those who are mainly active in church ministries. It’s good when you get yourself free check up.

2. Free Skills Training

One of the best freebies I have ever availed here in Korea is the skills training. I have attended this Free Korean Language training at 4th generation Academy at Gangnam. I have learned a lot from the classes especially the proper way to construct sentence in Korean and pronunciation.

If you are interested to join their free language training this year, feel free to contact the person below.

Aside from Korean Language training, there are also several short courses offered like Coffee Making, Video Editing and Photography from different Training centers and migrant centers. Here is an example.

3. Free WiFi

People in the subway, in the restos, and in most public places are all glued their eyes on their smartphones. Thanks to the free public wifi that is available almost anywhere in South Korea. Through the easy connection to the world wide web, people can chat their friends on Kakaotalk, stalk their crushes on Facebook and shop in online stores anywhere, anytime.

Free WiFi can be availed if you know how to move around and find the right spot. Some establishments who have WiFi installed on their buildings didn’t put password, you can easily connect for free.

4. Free Bicycle Tire Inflators

There are a lot of advantages when you use bicycle rather than automobiles. Although bicycle is best only when you go over short distances, you won’t have any problem inflating your flat tires here in South Korea because you can see these little machines randomly at major streets. You can have your bike’s flat tire fixed for free. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Free Tour Guides

Want to tour around Seoul but afraid of getting lost in direction? No worries, Korea has free tour guides for you or they call it The Walking Tours. Go check out this link to book for your schedule of free tour.

Aside from the 5 things I have mentioned above, you can also have free taste, free goodies, and yeah, free hugs. I know it’s not only here in South Korea that you can get the same freebies but for everybody’s information, I hope you’ll find this handy if you look for some good free stuffs when in Korea.


  1. Wow, South Korea automatically becomes a nice place to visit with all these freebies.

  2. Wow this is great news...didn't know you can get them for free :D Would like to avail these services

  3. I really wanna go there! I love korean and it's culture so much!

  4. I wish we can have the same here in the Philippines but the real honest-to-goodness free without catch.

  5. Wow, I never knew about this - it must be really nice to go there - and here I thought Singapore is only the nicest and best place to be. I have to see this myself, too.

  6. Oh how I wish the Philippines has these kind of FREE services.

  7. I also wish that they can offer those services here too and for free..

  8. It's nice that they have a free healthcare services and more importantly free Wifi which you can use while appreciating Korea's beautiful attractions.

  9. Wow Freebies!!! Wish we have that here.

  10. I did not know that Korea offered a lot of freebies! I'll check these freebies out if ever I go to Korea.

  11. I wish I could able to visit korea. Ahaha

  12. Ang taray! Shirgie^_^ invite mo ko jan minsan. Please^_^
    tonights here ang iyong ina ^_♥

    1. inay!.. hehe,, salamat at naligaw ka na ulit dito sa hide out ko... sure..invite kita minsan

  13. cool!! Korea is definitely an awesome place to visit.. and there's free Wi-fi!!! :)

  14. This sounds great! It's heartening to know that Filipinos and other foreign workers get benefits for free in South Korea.

  15. Wow! now I would love to visit there even more! Free dental and medicines, best for me!

  16. i really miss korea.such a very nice place !

  17. Cool! So they have all this in Korea?sarap naman.

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