South Korea in the Perspective of a Filipino Expatriate

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Investment Options and Financial Education Seminar for OFWs in South Korea

We, the OFWs here in South Korea are here in this foreign country for only one reason, to earn more money. When I first received my first salary, I was like "woah, this is like 3 times bigger than the salary I had in the Philippines" and somehow I felt I gained power because of the monetary possession I have. When you have money, it's easy to shop and buy anything you want. But remember, the opportunities we have here in Korea are temporary. It's not that we will forever work here. Time will come, our visas will expire and we need to go back to our country. The question is, what will you do next after kissing your Korea dream goodbye? Have you saved enough money to start a new life in the Philippines and to continue the lifestyle that you have established during your glorious days in Korea?

As an OFW, it is important to find alternative resources of our finances. We work hard for the money and we should know how to make our money work hard for us too. Isn't it amazing that while we are working, our money is also working to multiply itself? It is possible, it depends on how much knowledge you have when it comes to financial management and if you have strategies in investing. Let me share to you some of the possible  investment vehicles to help you improve your finances.

1. Stock Market

I think the most "doable" type of investments available is investing in the stock market. I call it doable but not necessarily easy. You can also choose to invest in a mutual fund or UITF if you really don't have time to monitor your portfolio. Stock market, Mutual fund and UITF are different in nature but they are somehow similar because it involves buying of stocks from the participating companies in the market. As an OFW, stock market is the perfect investment choice I may say because it does not really require a lot of your time, at least in the case of long term investment.

2. Real Estate

If you are not yet ready to invest in stock market, Real Estate is also one of the best investment vehicles. Although it is more complicated to invest in Real Estate than in stock market, the gains is just so rewarding  including the fact that you can call this investment your home.

3. Business

May it be a traditional business, a networking business or a franchising business, this is always a good way to start finding your way to financial freedom. Business has a lot of risks and if you are ready to handle it and you are up for the challenge, you can do pretty well with it and you can eventually achieve your goals. But as an OFW, having a business means finding for somebody you trust to manage and develop it because you can't obviously manage it until you go back home.

But wait a minute, before you even attempt to choose what investment option you should pursue, there's one thing you need to consider first, KNOWLEDGE. I would like to quote Warren Buffett for this:

As a backgrounder, Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the world. Most of his wealth he obtained from the Stock Market.

See, even experts advice us to do your homework first before investing. Read, study, watch videos and most of all attend financial education seminars. Invest on knowledge first before participating in the business because knowledge is your weapon against the risk factors involve in the investing arena.

So for OFWs here in South Korea who would like to educate themselves regarding the different investment alternatives like Stock Market, Mutual Funds and Personal Financial Management, a seminar called "OFW Financial Literacy" will be conducted here in South Korea on June 2014.

The speakers of the said seminar will be Mr. Randel Tiongson and Mr. Floi Wycoco who also invested their way to Financial Freedom. Mr Wycoco was actually an OFW before. He has an inspiring story that I am sure all OFWs can relate including the escape from the harsh reality of poverty into financial freedom. The seminar registration fee is only 25,000 KRW, a very cheap investment compared to the knowledge you will acquire from this seminar.

For Pre-registration and for more information about the said seminar, please send a private message to Mr. Marlon Albao. Ask him any questions you want to raise regarding this upcoming seminar and he will address it. Also, please join PINOY STOCK MARKET INVESTORS IN KOREA Facebook group for some updates regarding this seminar.

You maybe enjoying now the benefits of working here in Korea because of the salary, but please think also of the future. What will you do after you finish the contract? While you are earning good, start making a strong foundation of your finances so that you don't need to go back again abroad and miss another birthday, Christmas and important family events. This is your opportunity to start investing on knowledge. Once you have the idea, you can make your way to unlock the door to financial freedom.


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