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It’s Halloween Season at Everland Korea

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Entrance to Everland Amusement park
Entrance to Everland Amusement park
If there’s one thing I like about Everland, it is so big when it comes to seasonal celebrations. It doesn’t stay that way for the rest of the year; in fact, there’s an area as big as football field specifically installed to suit different occasions. When I went there, pumpkins and spooky stuff were everywhere, obviously, the park highlights the Halloween Season that time.

Everland Korea
Dealing with the pumpkins with my brother at Everland

As backgrounder, Everland is the biggest theme park in South Korea. Actually, “theme park” is an understatement because aside from the themed attractions, Everland has all the fun stuff in the world starting from animals, to outdoor attractions and the natural beauty of the place. Seeing that it is situated in the hills of Yongin, you can expect to see the stunning beauty as it is being enveloped by trees. It is very beautiful especially during the autumn. The only setback is that, it is too far from Seoul that it would take so much time to travel to Everland. But it’s all worth it. Just imagine the fun you can get with the thrill rides especially its world-renowned wooden roller coaster ride.

During the late September up to the month of October, Everland celebrates Halloween. It’s so ironic because Halloween in Korea is not a big deal. There’s no trick or treat, no costume party, no pumpkin and no weird looking creatures… no, not at all. I have no problem with that because I personally don’t celebrate Halloween, but I do love scary things. I like horror movies, I like creepy stories and everything morbid. When I heard that there’s a “Walking Dead Square”, I was so excited because I know that it’s a compliment to my favorite TV series “The Walking Dead”. So I went with my brother to the “Walking Dead Square” of Everland just to check it out.

Walking Dead Square everland
The brother at the Walking Dead Square

If you think that this is all about Rick, Michone, Glen, Daryl and the rest of the characters of TWD, you are wrong. The only appearance of these characters are in this TV poster that promotes the season 6 premiere of the show this coming October.

With the casts of The Walking Dead
With the casts of The Walking Dead

So what is this all about?

Well, apparently, there are several haunted houses, horror maze and some make up artists that will “zombify” you. There are extra charges of about 5,000 KRW for these though, but we decided to skip those because first it has extra charge, and second there’s a long line in them. We only have limited time so we went to free places at the walking dead square just to experience it.

Zombies or walkers(as they call it in the TV series) are everywhere in this area. Just beware because sometimes they will intimidate you. The only way you can get away with them is to act out with them and don’t show that you are afraid because these zombies will haunt you.

Walkers attack

Aside from the Walking Dead Square, the display of pumpkins is almost omnipresent in the park. Of course, Halloween is not without pumpkins. There are also other spooky stuff scattered all over the place for a photo opportunity. I find them all cute than scary though, so kids will surely enjoy the experience and will treat Halloween as a fun celebration.

Halloween Decoration at Everland
Halloween Decoration at Everland

But Everland is not just all about the season. The theme may change according to the season but there are other attractions that will constantly entertain people all throughout the year. One of my favorites is actually the Animal Wonder World. Not everyday you can see animals like Kangaroo, porcupines, boa constrictor, owls, orangutan, etc. I enjoyed my trip to the animal world, There’s also a garden where you can see variety of plants and flowers.

garden at everland
Garden at Everland

I also like the party parade. It was so much fun to watch especially the performance and the vibrant colors of the costumes and the interesting characters presented.

party parade everland
One of the performers at the parade at Everland

At Everland, there are also a variety of food stalls where you can buy something to fill in your stomach. Don’t expect too much of the food though because although there are diverse type of food available, it is not what you really think it is. It could be a Chinese food but not really the authentic one. Or an Italian spaghetti but not that type you really wanted. Or an American burger that’s not really appetizing. In short, don’t go there just to eat. LOL

Anyways, you can actually shop inside the park. There are literally shopping centers inside. I just don’t know if it is way expensive there, but yeah, you can buy some clothes there.
For those who want to experience Halloween Season in Korea, Everland is the place to be. You can still catch the Halloween party until October.

How to go to Everland Amusement Park of Korea?

Everland is located at this address:
199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 용인시 처인구 포곡읍 에버랜드로 199

If you want to go via subway, take Yongin Ever Line and get off at Jeondae Everland Station. Go to Exit Number 3 and take the shuttle bus to Everland.


  1. How fun! I would love to visit that place! I know my kids would have a blast there, too!

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  6. Everland looks like so much fun! Those zombie actors always freak me out, even though you know they aren't real zombies they do a good job of creeping you out!

  7. I love following all of your adventures in South Korea and to learn more about the country! I know almost nothing about South Korea, so it's nice seeing it through your perspective.

  8. Wow that looks like a lot of fun and such a great place to visit! What an awesome experience!

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  14. I don't get into Halloween as much as other holidays but I would if I were there!

  15. That really looks like a fun theme park! One of the theme parks near me has special events for the season. After Halloween,they'll be getting ready for Christmas.


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