Summer Escapade at Isla Reta in Talikud Island

Mandatory Jump Shot at the Beach
In Talikud Island, there exists a special resort where paradise is an understatement. It's beautiful, the ambiance is so serene and the area is so peaceful you would want to stay all day and relax and think about nothing. This is Isla Reta resort, a paradise where you can be one with nature.

What I like about Isla Reta is that it's not crowded here. The beach front is so clean, all you can see is its natural white sand. It's perfect if you want to take a brisk walk at the sea side especially in the morning. You will be entertained with the peaceful wave of the sea and some little corals that randomly show up besides the shores.

The seashore of the resort

The water at Isla Reta resort is cool and clean. For those who want to go swimming, you will find its water refreshing because I can definitely say that it's zero garbage, no plastics, no bottles and what not. I think it also helps that the area is still less developed, no commercial buildings like hotels and restaurants. People can just rent a room or cottage where they can stay overnight or whole day.

I must say that morning is the best time to enjoy the resort. The view of the sunrise is so amazing you wish you could watch it all day long. Fishermen are also in the vicinity with their respective little boats hoping to catch some fish for breakfast.

Sunrise at Isla Reta Resort

To go to Isla Reta in Talikud Island, you must ride a pump boat from the Sta. Ana Pier in Magsaysay, Davao City. There's a schedule for the trip, so you better be on time when you go there. Here is the schedule of pump boats from Sta Ana Pier to Isla Reta:

9:00 AM – Isla Reta Boat
10:00 AM – Pacific
12:30 PM – Jessa
2:00 PM – Shirley
3:00 PM – Grace
4:00 PM – Hof Gorei

Sunrise at the beach
 To go back to Davao City, here is the schedule trip of pump boat from Isla Reta to Sta. Ana Pier

6:15 AM – Shirley
6:30 AM – Jessa
8:00 AM – Hof Gorei
3:00 PM – Isla Reta Boat
3:00 PM – Pacific

Please note that boat fare is P80.00. If you want to rent the boat, you can do so for only P17,280 roundtrip and the seating capacity is 108 people.

On the way to Isla Reta

Here's the details for Entrance and Accommodation Fees:

For Entrance Fee:

Day Tour
Adult – Php 100
Child (4-10yrs old) – Php 50.00
Child (below 3 yrs old) – FREE
Adult – Php 200
Child (4-10yrs old) – Php 100.00
Child (below 3 yrs old) – FREE

For Accommodation:

Concrete Cottage – Php 900/night good for 2 person
Native room – Php 800/night good for 3 person
Dormitory – Php 6,500/night good for 22 person
Picnic Hut/Open Cottage – Php 400/night
Tent – Php 400/night good for 2 person

Swimming at the water of Isla Reta

Sometimes, we go to the beach to have some fun, to reset our mind and to run away from the noisy society. If you are looking for a nice place for these reasons, Isla Reta Resort could be the best option for you.