Highlighting Elements in the Movie Magnifico

Magnifico is a 2003 Filipino Independent Movie. This movie is the most, if not one of the most beautiful movies in the Philippines. For me, I would rate the movie 9.98/10. Although I like every aspect of the movie, as a viewer, I still have my own “would be” scene. If I am the director of this movie, I would have added or edited the following elements in the movie:

1. The Wheelchair

If you have watched the movie, the reason why Magnifico died is because he was hit by a vehicle when he attempted to cross the highway to see Mang Domeng. And we all know the purpose of this meeting, Mang Domeng will about to tell Magnifico that he will give the wheelchair of his deceased mother to Helen. Helen is Magnifico's sister who is suffering from cerebral palsy, hence she can't walk. Mang Domeng was moved when he saw how Magnifico sacrificed in carrying his sister just to let her see how the "Perya" looks like. In the burial scene, Magnifico’s father is still carrying Helen. It would be good if the wheelchair had been included on that scene.  A scene where we see Helen enjoying the comfort and convenience of the wheelchair.

Christian implication: 

This could be a perfect mirror of how Christ sacrificed for us. Just like Magnifico, Christ had carried all our cross so we may receive the gift of life. The freedom and the gifts that we are enjoying right now are the result of the sacrifices of Christ when he carried our cross to the Calvary. Just as Helen received the wheelchair to free her and her family from the burden of cerebral palsy, we have been freed from the bondage of sin.

2. The Herbal Medicine

That old lady that was healed by Magnifico’s herbal medicine should have informed Magnifico’s family  that Magnifico’s herbal medicine healed her. This could help the family start a new business to augment their income. If you can remember, Magnifico asked his grandmother to teach him how to make that herbal medicine to heal sore throat, so it’s the grandmother who knew the correct solution for that herbal medicine. If people knew about how effective it was, they would not suffer buying expensive medicines. And of course, this would help Magnifico’s family as this could be a source of another income.

 Christian Implication:

Jesus is our Healer, and by healer we don’t limit him as physical healer. He healed us not only from our physical aspect, but also our spiritual and emotional aspect. We too can heal somebody. We all have the capability to heal somebody by just tapping them at the back, by giving compliments or by showing our priceless smile. That’s what Christ would like us to do. He wants us healed, and he wants us heal others. So let's share the healing that Christ's left as a legacy for all of us.

3. The Rubik’s cube

At the end of the story, Magnifico’s father found out that his son was able to solve the rubik’s cube. Now, I think this part is impossible. Magnifico’s father said he tried to solve the puzzle for almost one year but could barely able to do that. We know that solving a rubiks cube requires pattern and if you could not follow the pattern, you could not solve it. Now, how did Magnifico learn that pattern? It would be good if Magnifico solved the rubiks cube by painting it. Since he used paints to decorate his grandmother’s coffin, that element could have been used. This is to signify that some problems could be difficult to solve as we don’t know how to solve it, but there are some alternatives. Not all problems can be solved by conventional patterns, and I believe this is exactly the whole theme of the story.

Christian Implication: 

Magnifico did not only solve the rubik’s cube, but he solved the problem of his family. And not only his family, but the community. Christ died on the cross to do the same mission. That is to free us from the problem, and that problem is sin. He freed us from sin, he solved the problem of the world.

Nevertheless, Magnifico is must-watched movie. You can realize, learn and value life. I hope we can make more movies like this.