Lessons Learned from Animated Movies

I am an avid fan of animated movies. The good thing about watching animated movies is that you will feel good after watching one, and most of all you could learn something from it. This kind of movie is good in teaching kids to do good things and an effective reminder for adult viewers. I reckon that animated movies are more difficult to make than movies with real actors and actresses.

I am going to share to you the top 5 lessons I learned from the top 5 latest animated films I watched as of this date.

Animated Movie Title #1: Toy Story 3

Lesson Learned: Loyalty

I learned to never give up on somebody you love. You know sometimes we human tend to freak out that we said something wrong or we did something that would affect our love ones. And if we could understand this aspect of human being, we can learn how to never give up on the people we love. This is the values that “Woody” taught me in this movie. Unlike any other toys, only Woody believed that their owner Andy still love them even he is already 17 years old and after attempting to put them in the attic or donate to the foundation. With his effort, he and the other toys been through a lot of challenges just to be back with their real owner.

Favorite Line in the Movie:
I love what Andy said about Woody when he about to turn over him to the next owner. This is what he said:

Andy: “Woody, he’s been my pal for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, a cowboy should be, kind, smart. But the thing that makes Woody special is he’ll NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU. Never. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.”

Animated Movie Title #2: Megamind

Lesson Learned: Courage

Do not run from a fight, no matter what. Let’s put this of course into a non violence context. “Fight” here doesn’t always mean a battle or a bloody game. Although the fight in the movie is the literal battle, we can take this into higher level of understanding. It’s like fighting battles of life and challenges. Megamind is a known villain, but he was destined to be a hero and nobody can stop him to become one, even himself.  And since his destiny is to be a hero, he sucks at being a villain. No matter how genius his creations and weapons, he was always defeated by the good counterpart. But eventhough he always defeated by Metroman, he is always going for the fight, and this characteristic has turned Megamind from super villain into a super Hero.

Favorite Line in the Movie:

I like that part when Roxanne, the love interest of Megamind, sent out help message to the devastated Megamind. This I what she said:

Roxanne: “Megamind, I don’t even know if you are listening, but if you are, you can’t give up. The Megamind I knew would never have run from a fight, even when he knew that he absolutely no chance of winning. It was your best quality, and you need to be that guy right now. The city needs you, I need you.”

Animated Movie Title #3: Despicable Me

Lesson Learned from the movie: Honor

We always want to be honoured that we tend to do a whole lot of stuffs just to get our family’s attention or even the world. Well, we all want to make our mothers proud of us or our family in general. The character in this movie competes  to become a great villain because he wants to make his mother proud of him. The movie revolves around the challenge to become the greatest villain in the world. Whoever can shrunk the moon and steal it will get the credit of the evilest creature in the world. But things become different when he adopted three kids for the purpose of using them for his evil plan. The kids changed him from being evil into somebody good and a hero, and despite all the inventions and achievements in the evil society, his mom has never been proud of him, it is when he wonderfully raised his three adopted kids that made his mama proud of him. Sometimes we don’t need to really do tremendous things just to get the attention of our family. Our simple achievements and small kind acts are already enough to make them proud of us. You don’t need to be great just to be honoured.

Favorite Line in the Movie:

This is my favourite line the movie, that part when he is trying to device some ways to make his mama proud of him.

“Just that what you know mom, I’m about to do something. That’s what I want to be. Something very important, when you hear about it, you’re going to be very proud of me.”

Animated Movie Title #4: Legend of the Guardians

Lesson Learned: Believe in Dream

Now, I have to warn you that this is an owlful movie. Yeah, the story revolves around the owl kingdom. It’s just a usual story of good owls fighting against bad owls. The story that once lived in dream has turned into reality. This element of the movie tells us to never give up on what we believe. We do have a lot of dreams, impossible dreams, unreachable dreams and fictional dreams. But it is how we believe on it that made it real.

Favorite Line:

There’s a short but very powerful line in the movie and that is:

“There’s nothing wrong with dreams”

Animated Movie Title #5: Kung Fu Panda 2

Lesson Learned: Find your Inner Peace

It is the inner peace that would help us to become a better person. Each of us has our own battles, we have our own fights, and we have our own challenges. If we have strengths, we all have weaknesses and it is inevitable that sometimes our weakness will take over our strengths. The only way to win the fight amidst the weaknesses, personal issues and discouraging point is to find the inner peace. Let’s take a look within us and create the peace inside to overcome our struggles.

Favorite line in the movie:

I can’t forget the words of Master Shifu to Po:

“Remember Dragon Warrior, anything is possible when you have inner peace."