Five Reasons Why You Should Watch I Do Bidoo Bidoo- A Movie Review

Before anything else, here is the synopsis of the movie based on

The film revolves around sweethearts, Rock (Concepcion) and Tracey (Dos Santos), who are both nursing students in Manila. These two youngsters will have to face each other's family in the province after Tracey got accidentally pregnant by her boyfriend, Rock. Rock is the son of Rose (Domingo) who is a caterer, and Pol (Alcasid), a songwriter. Tracey came from a well-off family with Nick (Valenciano) and Elaine (Padilla) as parents. The incident prompts the bickering parents to meet and discuss the future of the young ones. As a result, the two lovers went home to the province and discuss about their marriage.The two families do not seem to agree to the plans in their own reasons. Rose thinks his son is still young for a fatherhood, Nick thinks the family would be in shame if Tracey will raise a child with no father. Elaine, who also got pregnant at a young age does not want her daughter to experience a force marriage and gets trap in a loveless marriage as what had happened to her and his husband, Nick.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should watch I Do Bidoo Bidoo:

1. Realistic Cinematography

The movie started in a sequence depicting the heavy traffic, busy people in the street and the usual messy scenarios you could ever imagine to see in the busy street of Manila. The scenes are raw, unalterated and real. The same scenes you could usually see in Independent movies. It's safe to say that the movie I Do Bidoo Bidoo has a touch of Indie film. This is an Indie film with mainstream casts. 

We all know the credibility of an Indie film. No touch of commercialism and everything comes naturally. Although there are some scenes with commercial touch, the artists act naturally that you could really imagine them depicting the reality of life.

2. Great Casts

 I salute the people behind the selection of cast of characters. They have made a perfect combination. I like to see Ogie Alcasid, Zsazsa Padilla and Gary V acting and singing together in a big screen. By that alone, I am already satisfied. Of course, we cannot ignore the presence of Eugene Domingo. As usual, she topbilled the other casts seeing that this type of movie is her forte. She has been into theatre before she became an actress and the whole concept of the movie is definitely a plus for her. 

I like it also when they made use of Sam Concepcion's acting and singing prowess. Sam has evolved in this movie when it comes to acting. I haven't seen him acting this way before, this kid has really done his homework. I also like it when the movie features new faces in the big screen. Tippy Dos Santos and Neil Coleta have showcased their talents in this movie not only in acting but also in singing. They could still improve though, but they have shown their best as newbies.

Supporting casts like Kiray, Frenchy Dy, Sweet, Jaime Fabregas and all other casts which are fresh faces on the big screen have added tremendous flavor in the totality of the movie. Every single cast has maximized their respective characters in their best possible way.

3. Musical

Aside from having an Indie touch, this movie is also Glee-is/MTV-ish/Theatrical-ish in nature. And the best thing about this movie is that, they used songs of APO Hiking Society as an inspiration of the story. Yes, this is just a concept copied from other TV shows and movies like Glee and Rock of Ages, but this one is something we Filipino could relate because this is all about our life and our own music.

You know how everybody could relate to APO's song. They have  song in all aspects of life. They have songs about friendship (Kaibigan, Dobidoo Bidoo, Awit ng Barkada), family (Salawikain, Pumapatak na naman ang ulan, Tuyo ng Damdamin) , and of course Love (Nakapagtataka, Paano, Ewan, Di Na Natuto, etc). By using these songs, you can actually create a whole movie. I just wish they also include songs from bands of the new generation so that teen and young viewers could relate. but that's another story. I never appreciated APO's song this way after watching the movie. Being a 90s kid, I do listen to their songs, I like it that right and I even sang along during the verge of their popularity, but in this movie, you will see a deeper meaning of the song and I swear you would appreciate the genius behind the APO's songs.

Here is the complete list of the Official Soundtrack of I Do Bidoo Bidoo:

1. Pumapatak Na Naman Ang Ulan
2. Doo Bidoo
3. Syotang Pa-class
4. Awit ng Barkada
5. Panalangin
6. Tuyo Nang Damdamin
7. Mahirap Magmahal
8. Salawikain
9. Nakapagtataka
10. Batang Bata Ka Pa
11. Blue Jeans
12. Kaibigan
13. Huwag Masanay Sa Pagmamahal
14. Ewan
15. Paano
16. Di Na Natuto
17. Pag-ibig
18. Kabilugan ng Buwan 

4. Unforgettable Scenes

There are a lot of Unforgettable scenes in this movie. Scenes which will really remain in your heart and in your mind. Scenes that would still move in the deepest part of your medulla oblongata even after the credits showed up.

I like that lunch meeting scene wherein Rock's family meets Tracey's family to plan their wedding. They discussed about the wedding and ended up in disagreement and misunderstanding. In this scene, they sang the APO's song "Salawikain". They sang it together in character. I mean, they are singing one song and one lyrics, but each of them maintain their facial expressions, mannerisms and the characters that they are portraying. And yes, they were able to sustain that scene.

I couldn't forget Ogie and Eugene daring scene. I was just like, wow... and at the same time puked. LOL. Sorry for that. I think that was their most daring scene ever. As in all out, hubad kung hubad. LOL. And take note, they did that scene to the tune of "Di Na Natuto". Imagine Eugene Domingo singing, "Nandyan ka na naman, tinutukso tukso ang aking puso" while Ogie is flirting with her.  i Laughed hard on that particular scene.

The biggest twist in the story is the character of Brent played By Neil Coleta. He was Rock's best friend and I wasn't expecting that confession scene he made to Rock. I began suspecting Brent's character when he sang "Mahirap talagang magmahal ng syota ng iba...." while watching Rock sleeping.  You know what I mean? If not, then you better watch the movie. 

For some reason, I got kilig with that Zsazsa-Gary scene in the farm. They have chemistry like John lloyd and Bea in the big screen, or it is just me.

I couldn't mention all the scenes but I assure every single filmstrip of this movie is worth watching for.

5. Directed by Chris Martinez

I know the credibility of this director and he never failed me in this movie. Who could forget Kimmy Dora saga and Temptation Island (2011)? Chris Martinez is the director behind these successful movies. If a movie is directed by this man, you know that this is a feel good movie.

Watch the trailer of  I Do Bidoo Bidoo here:

I would reccomend everybody to watch the movie I Do Bidoo Bidoo becuse you are not only supporting Filipino Movie but also Filipino music. Whoever you are, whether a teenager strangled in an early marriage, or a parent struggled over the rebellion of kids, or a youth facing an identity crisis, or a friend seeking and/or giving comfort to a friend, or a bystander curiously watching the next story, or what not. This is a film for everybody.

Rating: 8/10