How to Become Rich?- An Honest Review to John Calub’s “How to Become a Money Magnet?” Seminar

A stranger you meet in the street is selling you gold jewelleries worth 1 Million pesos for only P8,000. Are you going to buy it?


Ok, how about if the stranger would cut the cost to P5,000. Remember we are talking about jewelleries worth 1 million pesos.

Still, no?

If the stranger would cut it further to P3,000?

I know you are still in doubt like me because I wouldn’t bite it too. What if the jewelleries he is selling are fake? I wouldn’t risk my P3,000 for that.

But here’s the catch. What if the stranger will sell it for P500, take it or leave it.

I am sure you wouldn’t think twice to take it. P500 is not a big loss after all regardless of whether it is fake or not.

When I read a Facebook post about John Calub’s How to Become a Money Magnet seminar, I was curious because that was the first time I read about a seminar about attracting wealth. Well, it’s not bad, but I am not sure about the credibility of the speaker. This could just be another Network Marketing tactics, or a mere business talk or a scam. I was intrigued when I found out that the cost of the seminar is P8,000. I was just like, whaaaat? An 8 hour seminar worth P8,000? Is this really legit? I really doubt it, but when the ticket to the seminar was reduced to P500, I said I will give it a try. P500 will not hurt my pocket anyway. So I bought the waived price ticket for only P500 which originally costs P8,000.

I Googled John Calub and I found out that he was trained by the greatest people I admire on this generation- Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield and Donald Trump. My doubt was replaced by excitement when I learned about that because these people I mentioned are legit. If you have a millionaire mind and if you aim to become rich, you should know these people because they know the SECRET to success.

During the seminar, John Calub channelled Jack Canfield. He merely passed on the information and the training he learned from this guru. I like the way he delivered the idea because it’s realistic. When he mentioned about the book of Rhonda Byrne entitled The Secret and about the book written by Charles Haanel which is The Master Key System, I know right then that this man knows something. I already read about Byrne’s book The Secret, I learned about THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE, but still I believe that this is a kind of seminar I needed. John Calub merely reminded me of what I already know. I regretted I sat at the back of the auditorium.

At first, I found it weird how he controlled the audiences just to maintain the energy. He made us interact with each other which I really don’t like. I just want to sit there and listen, but he kept on commanding us to give a high five to our seatmates, or repeat what he said, or some weird stuffs. I know the purpose of this is to keep us all awake for the whole day seminar and to keep our focus and attention but I don’t like it. It’s so annoying. But we’ve done it for the whole 8 hours session and I just got used to it that it became normal to me.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the seminar and I learned a lot. If I am going to describe the seminar in one word, I would describe it as PRACTICAL. The tips, information and the system he shared to us during the seminar are already sitting just around the corner of our respective brains. His seminar will tap it for you. It’s like a guide for us to apply what we already learned. The problem is, sometimes we are too busy looking for solutions to the problems that we tend to forget the right attitude, the right thoughts and the right feelings to possess to attract real solutions to our money problems.

I will not question the “Garapon system” he taught us. I know it is effective if applied and followed religiously. If you are curious about the “Garapon System”, sorry, I can’t share it here, that idea is worth P8,000, hehehe. I am planning to implement that system as soon as possible.

I will also agree with the idea of tithing, giving and the law of attraction. We are actually familiar with all of these. We now this information is biblical, but then again, we forget about it and we continue to live with what we believe is good to us but actually would lead to a situation that would harm our finances, and gradually our life.

“How to Become a Money Magnet?” seminar is not for those who are cynical. This is only for people who are open minded and ready to become rich. I learned the secret, I set my mind to apply it and I am now on my way to my first million. Thank you Sir John Calub for a very interesting, entertaining and educational seminar.

 How I wish I could attend the “Attracting Wealth” seminar.