I Can Exceed My Limitations – Running is Fun

In the pursuit to the healthy lifestyle, I decided to make myself active in running. I always see to it that I could run two to three times a week for at least an hour per session. The first few weeks of running were really a struggle to me. It’s hard to make the body active after long years of doing less strenuous activities. My job doesn’t require me to move that much, I just sit the whole 8 hours of working period everyday. The lack of exercise makes me prone to sickness and I have a very low stamina that I could easily get tired even by just climbing a 10 steps stair.

Everything has changed when I started running. Every single cell in my body is cheering at me as if telling me that I am indeed doing the right thing. However, I struggled to combat my athletic limitations. I can’t really stand to run long miles as I easily get tired, my feet hurts, my muscles are in pain and dizziness wouldn’t leave me. These were the struggles I encountered when I started to become active in running. These strongholds limit me to achieve great physical activity. I almost gave up, but then, I learned that all of these are just normal especially when you start to become active. The response of my body did not hinder me to exceed my limitations. I challenged myself to exceed my body limitations by increasing the length of my running capabilities every session.

I spotted this favorite jogging area of health buffs here in Davao City, the People’s park. In the People’s park, there is an oval race track measuring 400 meters specifically designed as a jogging arena. This is where I jog to improve my health and body stamina.

For the first three weeks, I can only finish 6 rounds on the 400 meters oval race track. I can only last up to an average of 2.4 KM run. But I challenged myself to increase it and I was aghast with the result. I thought I can only accommodate up to 4 KM, but it exceeds up to 8 KM which is equivalent to 20 rounds on the oval tracks. 

It was when I became confident that I could run extra miles that I joined my first ever Fun Run Experience. Since it was my first time, I registered for a 5 KM run and I was able to finish the race.

I did not win the race but I finished it and I guess it is something worth bragging for. Finishing a 5 Km race is an achievement for me because this is a sign that I have exceeded my own athletic limitations.

My inspiration for running is Coach Rio Dela Cruz. He is my favorite athlete to date.

Well, aside for being an afro, I admire him for his determination, strength and for a very inspiring life story. He runs his way to success. His life is a rag to riches story. He was not only able to exceed his physical limitations to become one of the greatest athletes here in the Philippines but he also proves that when you love what you are doing, it has no other choices but to love you back. Look at him now, a very inspiring athlete indeed. I want to be like him. Watch this video how Coach Rio Dela Cruz beats his own record of running 20 meters in 2.3 seconds:

If you were inspired by the challenge, share the video above.

And because I want to be like Coach Rio, I always see to it that I run pleasantly and happy. By that I mean to stay fresh and comfortable despite the pressure and the perspiration. That is why I use skin germs protection soap before I run just to keep my hygiene clean and to wash off body odor. When we say Skin Germs protection soap, only one brand is good at that, and that is SAFEGUARD ACTIVE. Safeguard Active won’t let bad hygiene distract you from exceeding your athletic limitations and in beating your personal best!

Because of Safeguard Active, we can always assure a happy ending race.

We were able to beat the 5 Kilometer race, our athletic limitations and most of all bad hygiene. Thanks to safeguard Active for helping us achieved our best in the fun run.

In the next fun run, I will sign up for a 7 KM run. This is not something I should worry about because I know I can always conquer my limitations!!!