HARANA- Davao’s Definition of Best Restaurant

Uso pa ba ang HARANA?...... (to the tune of Parokya ni Edgar’s song HARANA)

HARANA, in English means SERENADE, it is when you sing a love song to offer to the one you love. But here in Davao City, the meaning of Harana goes beyond the conventional act of courtship because one of the best restaurants here in Davao City is named after this word.

Harana probably is one of the oldest restaurants here in Davao City. I used to wonder why it remains to be one of the best restaurants here in Davao City, but after I tried their sea foods, I think I know the reason why.
Here are some of the BESTS that Harana Restaurant could offer:

1. Best Foods

I bet the primary reason why Harana stayed this long in the Food business industry is because of the delectable foods they offer especially sea foods. I can excuse them for the beverages and the desert, but I think this is where you really can find the best sea foods and steaks here in Davao City.

They have Grilled Pusit:

Grilled Panga:

Shrimp Sinigang:

And a lot more:

Aside from seafoods, they also offer the following:

Pork dishes:

And my favorite Mongolian Beef Steak:

And More:

And I doubt if you won’t drool on those foods.

2. Best Place to Dine In

Since they have the best food, it follows that Harana could also be a good place to dine in.

If you have visitors from other places, you can bring them at Harana and let them experience Davao’s best:

Or if you are new here and looking for the best restaurant here in Davao City, I suggest Harana:

3. Best Reception for an event

If you have future events like birthday, anniversary or wedding perhaps, Harana has a wide area to accommodate all your visitors.

You can visit Harana Restaurant along F. Torres St., Davao City

So if you are going to ask me again, "Uso pa ba ang Harana?", I should say: "Usong-uso!!!!"