Pacific Breeze Makes You Feel Fine at Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental

When at Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental, stay at the place where you can feel fine and relax. I recommend Pacific Breeze. True to its promise to make you feel fine, Pacific Breeze offers a unique ambiance of accommodation at low cost.

Pacific Breeze is a feel good place, it is a home away from home. And here are the reasons why you must choose Pacific Breeze when you are at Dahican.

1. Fine Rooms

Pacific Breeze has two big rooms that can accommodate up to 10 persons per room. This is how the rooms look like.

This is very ideal especially for those who visit Dahican in group. The ideal number of heads that can be accommodated in these rooms are 12, but it can still accommodate up to 20 heads.

The room is air conditioned, so if you are tired of beaching and sun bathing, you can just stay inside the room and relax.

2. Fine Ambiance

What can be finest than a location where you can relax while overlooking the sea?

Pacific Breeze has a perfect location for those who want to maximize their experience with the beach.

You can go beach surfing, sun bathing, and swimming or just sit and relax.

It has a very relaxing ambiance, a perfect place to forget workloads, problems and what not.

3. Fine Price

For only P6,000 with a maximum of 20 heads per group, you can own the house for 24 hours. Not bad if you are looking for a place where you can safely take a rest overnight. There is an additional charge if you will stay overtime.

As what I’ve said, this is a home away from home, so you can actually own it and live as if it’s your home.

Aside from the fine bed rooms, Pacific Breeze has also fine living room and fine veranda where you can sit, dine and talk with your friends.

You can do absolutely anything you want at Pacific Breeze. You can party with wine:

Conduct a Meeting:

Or just sleep:

So if you want to feel fine when at Dahiacn, Mati, Davao Oriental, Pacific Breeze is the place to be.