Activities You Can Do at Davao Crocodile Park

If you think Davao Crocodile Park is only a sanctuary of bored and ugly crocodiles, you are wrong.  Aside from feeding, playing and watching lazy crocodiles eat their prey, you can have as much fun as possible because Davao Crocodile Park offers a lot of activities that you, your family and friends could enjoy.

The following are the activities that you can do at the Davao Crocodile Park:

1.       Commune with Animals

If you are an animal lover, you would surely love it here. Crocodile Park has a variety of caged animals. You can feed the hungry crocodiles, talk to birds, play with the snakes and watch the birds showcase their tricks and skills.

2.       Learn at the Butterfly Garden

The Crocodile park is also an abode of beautiful and colorful butterflies. There is a garden where you can see red butterflies, green butterflies, blue butterflies, in short, colorful butterflies. Not surprising because this is a butterfly garden. Learn the life cycle of butterfly and witness the metamorphosis in real time.  

3.       Watch the Firedance

So you think you can only enjoy and watch animals do the show here? No way, at the end of the day, you will be entertained by real human as they dance with fire, yes, I mean, literally fire. They have nothing to offer but pure entertainment and a titillating dance show using the fire as a medium. It’s a pretty hot show.

 4.       Visit Filipino Ancient Houses

Before the tall buildings and concrete houses, we have nipa huts or bahay kubo. Our ancestors from different tribes have their own styles and designs of bahay kubo. You can experience the old way of living by visiting these houses at the Crocodile Park. You will not only enjoy it, you will also learn a lot.

 5.       Play Paint Ball

Now for those who simply want to have pure fun, try the Paint Ball. This is an interesting war game where you will use paint ball as a bullet. Get ready to be dirty with this game, make sure you have extra shirt when you play paint ball at Davao Crocodile Park.

6.       Have Fun with the Waterball

For kids and for kids at heart, experience the fun with these waterballs. Aim to walk on the water surface while inside the waterball, well, good luck to you if you can actually do that.

7.       Fly Through the Zipline

The zipline is actually not in the area of the Davao Crocodile park but you can enquire and ask more information on how to try the zipline at the park because this is their main office.  Fly high and watch the breathtaking view of Davao City, but if you have fear of heights, never mind then.

8.       Roll with the Zorv

Have you ever tried getting inside a big ball and roll on the hill? At the crocodile park, the zorv can let you experience it. You will be thrilled how the zorv can roll you up and down without getting your internal organs out of the system.

Next time you visit Davao City, go to the Davao Crocodile Park and experience any or all of the above adventures.