Monday, July 29, 2013

6 Easy-To-Follow Directions To Go To TRICKEYE MUSEUM From Hongik University Station

The Trickeye Museum is probably one of the most fascinating and awesome museums in South Korea. It offers unique way of entertaining tourists in a Korean way.

When you enter the Trickeye Museum, you can see these writings in the wall that tells about the museum. Here is what it says:

"Trickeye Museum is an interactive museum with a new concept that stimulates your creativity and imagination by the TOMPE-L'OEIL technique through your vision. The time has come when you can enter the picture, which you used to only watch and become the subject of the picture yourself. You are invited to the world of various masterpieces and wonderful three dimensional pictures."

If you want to go to the Trickeye museum, here are the easy to follow directions:

1. Take the Seoul Subway Station Line Number 2 to Hongik University Station.

2. Go to Exit Number 9 of the station.

3. Once you have exited, go straight ahead and walk for about 150 meters until you reach the crossroad and the first major intersection.

4. Cross the road and turn left, you will see this signboard that tells you that you are in Hongik-Ro Street.

5. Walk straight ahead, about 120 meters until you reach the second side street in between Tony Moly and Holika Holika.

6. Turn right and walk straight 100 m ahead and you will see the door to Trickeye Museum.

When you go to this museum, here are the things you need to bring:

-Camera, preferably DSLR, but digital cameras or cellphone cameras with high definition are ok
-Extra batteries for your camera or cellphone, you will for sure run out of battery
-Creativity for your poses

And what can you see in the museum? I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

3 Expectations For the Korean Movie "The Flu" (감기)

For the Korean movie fanatics out there, good news!!! There is an upcoming Korean movie that is currently making a big noise both here in South Korea and abroad. The movie is under the title "감기" and the corresponding English title is "The Flu".

The movie is all about the outbreak of the viral disease brought about by the virus called H5N1 or Bird Flu. It has become epidemic that it affects about 2,000 people every hour and everybody infected with the virus will die in 36 hours. The challenge is put into the hands of a firefighter and a doctor struggling their way to find the solution to this epidemic before everyone dies of the disease.

The Flu is directed by Kim-Jung Su and top billed by Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae. A Filipino student here in Korea is also lucky enough to be included in the cast, his name is Lester Avan Andrada. He played as an illegal overseas filipino worker in the movie and his role is very important.

The disaster film "The Flu" (감기) will hit theaters this August,it will be shown both here in South Korea and in United States. I am excited about the movie not only because of the interesting story but also because of the inclusion of a Filipino actor in the movie. I would like to see how his character affects the whole concept of the movie. At this point, I have some expectations about this movie. Expectations maybe different from the reality but I have high hopes for this film and I have a feeling it will hit the world like a wave.

1. Adrenaline Rush

Since the movie's genre falls under the disaster film, I am expecting that this movie could make my adrenaline alive throughout the duration of the movie. As per trailer is concerned, time is very essential, it is all about racing with time, no dull moment at all.

2. Less Drama, More Action

Movies like this are best when there are more actions than drama. Of course, we could not take the drama out of the scene, it's a very important part of the movie and to also reach the tearjerker market. But with the life of 2,000 people at stake every hour, I could not afford to watch it with more drama than action. I want to see the story progressing in every single moment of the movie.

3. Entails Valuable Lessons

It could be a traumatic, heavy and scary, but what really makes a good movie is the life's lesson it could impart to the viewers. I don't know where and how to get insights from an epidemic movie, but that's what I am expecting from this movie.

If you want to see sample of this movie, watch the official trailer below:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

13 Examples of 3D Jobs in South Korea for E9 Visa Holders (Videos)

Every year, thousands of Filipinos are aspiring to pass the Korean Language Test so that they can acquire an E-9 Visa to work in South Korea.

For the information of everybody, E-9 Visa is for non-professional employment. E-9 Visa holders can be employed in manufacturing businesses in South Korea. The jobs offered are usually under the category they called 3D or Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning. But wait, 3D maybe a heavy word but don't get too overwhelmed or disappointed. Everyone who dreams to work in the land of the calm morning can choose to acquire an E-9 visa since this is the easiest way to go and work here. Getting a working visa, or even a visit visa for South Korea is very cumbersome, believe me, you may need to do a lot of paperworks and present piles of documents.

I have asked our OFWs to submit their videos while working for this advocacy and I have received overwheling response from several OFWs here in South Korea. However, I can only accommodate up to 13 videos. My purpose for sharing this on this blogpost is to inform those who are aspiring to work here under E-9 Visa and for those who are still on queue waiting to be selected. This is to give them an idea on what kind of work is waiting for them here. And also to let the whole world know the sacrifices of the new generation heroes of the Philippines.

I would just let the videos to do the talking.

Video number 1:

Video Credit: Felix Guro Sarmiento

He is using a press machine, someone must take extra care when using this machine because your fingers are at stake, but Filipinos can always find ways to be funny and it is our innate ability to handle dangers lightly. He even managed to eat while working.

Video Number 2:

Video Credit: James Bautista
Industry: Manufacturing of Exhaust Fan

This one is an example of plastic injection job. You can just go "petiks" with this kind of job. For some aspirants out there, don't be afraid when they say 3D jobs because sometimes it's not true at all, just look at the video below.

Video Number 3:

Video Credit: Shayne Domingo
Industry: Manufacturing of Aircraft parts

Here in South Korea, safety is the primary concern, just like this OFW in full gear while working.

Video Number 4:

Video Credit: Pedro Parkero
Industry: Manufacturing of Coated wires/string

In the workplace, machines are always the front actors. If you are assigned to just operate the machine, then lucky you.

Video Number 5:

Video Credit: Mharco Reyes
Industry: Manufacturing of Buttons

Who says you can't talk and have fun while working in a heavy environment huh? 

Video Number 6:

Video Credit: Jun Su Han
Industry: Manufacturing of RTW clothes

Some jobs like in this video may look easy but I think it's difficult to sew especially if you are not really into clothes making. But hey, we're Filipino, and we can always adapt to everything.

Video Number 7:

Video Credit: Jet Latoza
Industry: Food Processing

3D jobs are not always Dirty, there are some industries that need to have clean environment like the food processing. Who would want to process food in a dirty place? That's ewww..

Video Number 8: 

Video Credit: Bryan Oconer Cambri

Here's another plastic injection job. You are very lucky if you will assign in this kind of job.

Video Number 9:

Video Credit: Arnulfo Zubiri
Industry: Automatic Cutting and Drilling Process for Plastic Materials

Can you do this too?

Video Number 10:

Video Credit: イトウ カイジ
Industry: Manufacturing of Aluminum Ladder

Welding is one of the most common jobs here in South Korea along with handling of manual robots and forklifting.

Video Number 11:

Video Credit: Joseph Atienza
Industry: Manufacturing of Equipment and Transport

They call this Sasang and this I think is one of the perfect examples of 3D job. You can check out the video and see if you can handle this kind of job.

Video Number 12:

Video Credit: Artemio Quibin Domingo Jr
Industry: Manufacturing of Rubber and Plastic

Usually, easy jobs fall under the category of rubber and plastic.

Video Number 13:

Video Credit: Artemio Quibin Domingo Jr.
Industry: Furniture

This one requires a skill of a carpenter, so this could be difficult to handle if carving woods is not your cup of tea.

So there you go ladies and gentlemen, our heroes on the go working to save the economy of the Philippines. The common denominator of these OFWs is that they are proud of what they are doing. If you look at the videos, they may be doing difficult jobs, but they just like having fun. At the end of the day, it is not about what you are doing, it is all about the happiness you get from what you are doing. Now question, can you do that too?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

3 Trivias About Mul-naengmyeon- A Legendary Korean Food

It was during the end of the spring time when I first encountered a Korean food called Mul-naengmyeon. I was looking for some restaurants here in South Korea for some Oriental food treat but I landed in a Korean restaurant and saw this bowl of noodles in the picture, it looks yummy and I thought it would be interesting to try it out. I ordered a bowl of naengmyeon since a lot of the patrons had it on their respective tables.

I don't know how they presented it on the picture but it looks awkward in the actual. The noodles is made with a buckwheat and starch, it has a broth of beef and some pickled radish. The only familiar ingredient for me is the hard boiled egg on the toppings. The combination seems weird, nevertheless, I had my first taste of Naengmyeon and I was like:

Ok, please don't get me wrong with my reaction. I don't discriminate Korean foods, in fact I love most of Korean foods. It was my first time to try Mul-naengmyeon and I  was just taken aback with the strange taste of the food. I ended up eating only few noodles and the egg and the beef broth.

My second encounter with Naengmyeon was during dinner time. It was summer and our Samunim served it  to us. Everybody was so delighted with what they saw in the dinner table, and I was like "How on earth they like this food?". I gave it a second try, it still didn't work on my taste bud, but the good news is that I was able to finished one bowl of naengmyeon. Samunim offered me more noodles but I said I was so full. Saved by the bell huh.

I am not closing my door to Naengmyeon. Weird as it may taste, I still find it interesting because of its in-depth story. It is not simply a Korean food, like Kimchi, it plays vital role in the Korean diet and the root of its existence is something we should respect. So I am giving you these three interesting trivias about Mul-naengmyeon so that next time you encounter this food, you will remember these facts:

Trivia Number 1:

Do you know that Mul-naengmyeon is recognized as a summer time treat? For your information, the noodle soup is a cold water, very cold water. It is not the usual noodles served in hot water. We usually eat noodles during rainy days or cold days, but naengmyeon is a noodles for summer because of its cold soup, albeit you can also eat it in any season. In fact, the name Mul-naengmyeon literally means cold noodles.

Mul means water.
Naengmyeon means cold noodles.

So I guess you have now the idea that this is a noodles on cold water.

Trivia Number 2:

Do you know that Naengmyeon originates from the Northern part of Korea? People down South of Korea just followed the trend of eating mul-naengmyeon from people in the North. A restaurant called Okryugwan in North Korea is known as the best maker of Naengmyeon and the President of North Korea then, Kim Il-seong, ordered that the taste must be maintained up to the next generation.

Trivia Number 3:

Do you know that Koreans are so in love with this food that it penetrated up to the world of K-pop. Girls' generation singer Jessica and Park Myeung So collaborated in a song entitled Naengmyeon as a tribute to this particular food.

Time will come, if I am already well adjusted with Korean food, that I can eat Mul-naengmyeon like a pro and I'd be delighted to see it being served on my dining table. But for now, let me say PASS.