Tuesday, October 29, 2013

16 Guest Ghosts in the Korean Drama Series The Master's Sun

I don't usually watch TV Drama series, let alone Korean Drama Series. It takes a whole lot of entertainment factor before a particular TV Drama series can catch my attention. This particular series entitled "주군의 태양"  or "The Master's Sun" has something interesting to offer to viewers that I easily got hooked into it. I religiously watched the show from Episode 1 up to Episode 17 because there is no really dull moment for every episode. Another interesting thing about this show is that it covers a lot of TV show genres. It is an infusion of horror, drama, comedy, romance, there's a little bit of action and fantasy.

Without the guest ghosts and other elements, the core story of the series is very ordinary. It's another story of a damsel in distress saved by a knight in shining armor. This is a story of a woman named Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo In) who apparently can see ghosts. These ghosts bother her to do their last will before they will get to heaven. The only person who can protect her by making ghosts disappear by simply touching her is the CEO of Kingdom mall named Joo Jong Woon (So Ji Sub). The problem arises when their personality is in conflict with one another. Tae Gong Sil is a sweet insomniac woman while Joo Jong Woon is a conceited CEO that measures everything through money. Together, they went through the journey of love and life proving that regardless of the differences, love can heal them.

What really makes me want to watch this show is that, every episode, they have guest ghost with interesting story. A story can be a source of valuable lessons that we, the living, can reflect upon. Let me introduce to you these 16 new friends I found from watching The Master's Sun online.

Meet Chaa Hee Joo. She is one of the most important character as the story progresses. She is the girlfriend of Joo Jong Won who died in a car accident while trying to escape from the authority after kidnapping her boyfriend Joo Jong Won with her accomplice. She seeks Joo Jong Won forgiveness and to reveal the big secret that would change the course of the ordinary story of this series. She appears from time to time during the whole duration of the series through the eyes of Tae Gong Sil, the only person who can see her.

Here's another ghost that is overly addicted to coffee. He keeps bothering Tae Gong Shil for a cup of coffee. In the later part of the story, you will find out that he has a mission. Somebody is using him to watch over Tae Gong Sil. He is a harmless ghost that wants nothing but coffee.

Let me introduce you to Halmoni Ghost. She is the first ghost to appear in the whole series. She can't rest in peace because she was not able to turn over her money which she secretly keeps to her children. She asks Tae Gong Sil to help her give the money to her family to at least use for her funeral.

The soul of Mi Kyong, the run away bride. She died because of a disease. She left her husband right after the wedding, and the guy was so depressed that he lost his interest in playing soccer. She could not just leave the earth without saying sorry to him and without encouraging him to keep on playing as this what makes him happy.

Of all the ghosts, I can relate to this ghost of a student who died after being hit by a car. Her name is Eun Sool. She was in the mall with her three friends when she was suddenly told to go home because they just don't want to be with her. With a heavy heart, she left the mall and crossed the highway while crying. She got hit by a car and she died on the spot. She returned as a ghost not to hunt or revenge her friends but to let them know that they don't need to feel sorry for her death. She's not blaming anybody because it was just an accident and that she just want to completely leave without making feel anybody guilty.

The ghost of Choi Yoon Hee who died in a car accident after running away from her boyfriend. She caught her boyfriend cheating on her and that she heard his plan of getting her out of the way. Choi Yoon Hee is a daughter of a rich businesswoman, apparently her boyfriend wants nothing but her wealth. Her soul could not live peacefully because she is worried for her mom. She just wants to protect her mother against the evil plan of her boyfriend.

 I call her the vain ghost. She's looking out for those girls who are too narcissistic and she will stick to her and whisper something to make a woman more obsess with beauty and become more vain.

 The brat kid, Ji Woon. He died because of a disease. He died deprived of the freedom to make friends, to go out and do what other teenagers are doing. That is because he has a very sensitive disease and that is also the reason why he died at an early age. The soul could not transport because he died unmarried. His rich grandmother hired Madam Go to find a soul of a woman that could fit in to Ji Woon's and organize a wedding of their souls. Ji Woon does not like that idea because he is waiting for that one special girl that he met. His soul will only be at peace if he will get a chance to talk to that girl.

The cutest guest ghost of the show, the ghost of the dog named Pil Seung who dances to the tune of Nobody. He is a military dog who died under euthanasia. His master, a military student, was too depressed for loosing the dog, run away from the military school and attempted to commit suicide. Of course, Pil Seung would never allow that to happen, so his ghost reappear and through the help of Joo Joong Won, the ghost of the dog saves his life's master.

The ghosts of the three kids who died because of abuse. They agreed to thrive in the doll and collect the ghosts of other kids who go through the same fate as them.

 This is the ghost of Kang Jil. She's not yet dead anyway. She's under comatose. Her soul decided not to go back to her body because her life as a ghost is way better than the real one. She can stay in the hotel, read magazines, eat anything she wants and watch fireworks in the pool side as a ghost. But after being persuaded by Taeyang, she goes back to her body and woke up with her family waiting for her.

She's the wife of a well known pianist. She just can't leave the world because her husband who is too much dependent on her is holding her to stay. She approached her husband by possessing Taeyang's body to let her go and let her rest in peace.

 The jar ghost. He is the ghost who can control somebody's attitude. If you feel like appreciating a jar as expensive piece of art, you will become arrogant, self centered and you will be over powered with pride.

The most controversial ghost of all, the ghost of CEO of giant mall. He was found dead in one of their rest houses in the midst of a room of a woman which suspected to be his mistress. The soul could not simply rest in peace because he has no mistress. He wants to divulge the biggest secret that he has been carrying since then, that he maybe a man who everybody respected, but his heart is a heart of a woman.

 The sad boy named Woo Jin. He died after being hit by a car. As there is no witness, the driver covered up the accident by hiding the boy's dead boy. He is sad for his mother because his mother went looking for him everywhere until exhaustion and depression. All he wants is justice for his death and for his body to be found by his mother.

The last but not the least, my favorite ghost of all, the trash can ghost. He is a ghost that does not move at all. If there is "A man who can't be moved", this one is "A ghost that can't be moved". He stays in front of this trash can and won't move at all. This is the trash can where he accidentally threw the winning lottery ticket. He wants to get it back, but he couldn't find it anymore. He died from depression because of that.

At first, I find these ghosts quite scary and at the same time awkward for a TV series. But Hollywood has done this before with their "Ghost Whisperer", so I am some kind of use to this kind of genre. As the story progresses, I find them cute and vulnerable.

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

4 Unique Properties of Samsung Galaxy Round

A new smartphone has just been launched by South Korea's leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and they call it the SAMSUNG GALAXY ROUND.

After the brouhahas following the leaked photo of the said smartphone, Samsung finally revealed today that it is indeed existing with promising features that users will surely love. Samsung Galaxy Round runs Android and it offers new properties for a unique user experience. Here are the 4 properties that would help you decide whether to buy this phone or not.

1. The Curve Display

This is so far the first mobile device that comes in a curve display. The Galaxy Nexus has also a curve display but it is not as curve as this new product from Samsung. This is so far the most unique and important property of Samsung Galaxy Round as no other mobile device, including its rival iPhone, has a curve display. This step is so far experimental according to Samsung. They just want to gauge customer's taste when it comes to curve display. Aside from the unique design, the curve display will also make the phone more flexible and at some point, unbreakable.

2. The Roll Effect

The Roll Effect is a prerequisite to the curve display. Because of it having a curve display, users can actually perform a roll effect to their phone. And what exactly is the roll effect? It is the ability to push the phone on one side and it will show the default homepage information of the phone. To demonstrate on how to do this, watch this video:

3. The Gravity Effect

Another prerequisite to the curve display of Samsung Galaxy Round is the Gravity Effect. This effect allows you to interact with your phone display visually. For example, if you are playing music, by just tipping on the rounded handset of the phone, you can skip to the next track. You can also do similar effect to photos and videos.

4. The Side Mirror

Tilt the phone to either left or right and you can magically access your phone's gallery to checkout some saved photos and videos.

These new features of Samsung Galaxy Round will mark a new milestone in the world of smartphones. Competitors like LG Electronics and Apple are also brewing their answer to Samsung's challenge. LG Electronics is said to release their smartphone with vertically curve display while Apple is working on their Smart Watch.

The retail price of Samsung Galaxy Round is $1013.

Friday, October 4, 2013

5 Comparisons Between Namdaemun Market and Dongdaemun Market

For all of you shopaholics out there, if there are spots in South Korea to shop at an affordable price, I would gladly recommend the Namdaemun market and the Dongdaemun market. True that malls like Lotte and other store outlets can provide you with great selections of must buy Korean items, but if you really want to buy more, and by more I mean bulky, at affordable price, these two markets located in Seoul, South Korea would be great choices.

But if you are torn between these two markets and you need to choose only one, then let this review of mine be your guide to select which market you should shop.

1. Price

Ok, admit it or not, first thing you always consider when you shop, for practicality purposes, is the price. You, or we, always want to get the best item at a very low price. Based on my experience, both Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets offer shoppers the products that can be bought at a very low price. At Namdaemun, you can buy RTW items like shirts for as low as 3,000 won up to 5,000 won. Dongdaemun however can offer as low as 2,000 won for a shirt or a sweatshirt. Although those items do not have a commercial brand name, quality is still not at stake because everything that made in Korea is of good quality. Since Dongdaemun can offer lower price than the Namdaemun, I will give 1 point to Dongdaemun.

2. Convenience

A market must be organized well so that shoppers can easily find the items they need to buy. It is essential for customers to go around shopping at ease to save time and effort. Both Dongdaemun and Namdaemun markets are very congested. People swarm to these two places to buy stuffs and it is expected that the crowd is so huge. However, Namdaemun market stands out in terms of arrangement. Unlike Dongdaemun, it is more organized because items are being arranged according to category. There is one side for bags, one area for kitchenwares, another area for RTWs, etc. At Dongdaemun, all items are displayed randomnly. Shopping at Dongdaemun would really take a lot of time because there is no specific area to buy specific items.  So  I will give 1 point for Namdaemun market for this aspect.

3. Quality

What you can see at Namdaemun market, you can see at Dongdaemun. Basically, all items are made in Korea, rest assured that all are of good quality. Although you can also buy rejected items (those with small damages) in these markets, you can choose to buy the good ones. As for the quality, I will give both of them 1 point, it’s a tie.

4. Ambiance

These two places have big difference when it comes to ambiance. Dongdaemun has a laid back environment considering the fact that it is a nature-inspired market while Namdaemun is more commercialized. If you are a shopper who wants to see tall and big buildings and a high end environment, then go to Namdaemun. But if you like nature, then Dongdaemun is for you. Personally, I will choose Namdaemun.

5. Accessibility

Look at the subway map of South Korea and you couldn’t find something about Namdaemun there. Only Dongdaemun station is in the subway map. I would say Dongdaemun is more accessible than Namdaemun because of its availability in the map.

Here is how to go to Namdaemun:

Take subway line number  4 to  Hoehyeon station and take exit #5.

Here is how to go to Dongdaemun:

Take Subway line number  2 to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station and take exit #2 or 14.

And since Dongdaemun can be easily spotted, 1 point for Dongdaemun.

And for the summary:

Price: Dongdaemun
Convenience: Namdaemun
Quality: Dongdaemun and Namdaemun
Ambiance: Namdaemun
Accessibility: Dongdaemun

Total Score:

Namdaemun market: 3 points
Dongdaemun market: 3 points

Ok fine, I am just playing safe here. But shopping is based on your taste. You can refer to my review above to help you guide which market is best to shop based on your preferences.

Happy Shopping