Learn Korean Language Seamlessly with Elementary Korean Book of Tuttle Publishing


I started learning Korean language through youtube videos and free online tutorials. I was obligated to learn the language because I need it as a weapon for my tenure in South Korea. I don't want to feel sorry for not being able to commute and buy things in the market just because I couldn't communicate well. I have learned how to read, write and understand some Korean sentences on my own but I could not deny the fact that I need help. Thank God the Government of Korea is offering free Korean language classes, so despite the time constraint, I enrolled and so far I have learned a lot from the class.

One of my biggest troubles in studying the language here in Korea is the inability of the teacher to speak English. Attending the class and understanding what the teacher is saying is just like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, my current teacher in Korean language can speak English, so it is no longer a problem. However, I still find it difficult to use the textbooks here in Korea. Some reference books don't have English explanation at all, and if there is, it is very minimal that you could barely understand the topic.

I found this book called "Elementary Korean Second Edition" by King and Yeon published by Tuttle Publishing.

It has a hard cover and it includes discs for listening exercises.

I like this book because it explains the "how" and the "when" when it comes to proper usage of Korean language grammar. When I say HOW, it explains how to do proper conjugation and conversion of words from its basic form to the present tense, past tense and the future tense. Some textbooks show the "HOW", but forget to explain the "WHEN" which should instruct us on what situation, time or scenario should we use a particular verb ending sentence. In this book, you will not only get the explanation on how to properly play with the conjugation of words but also it has instruction as to when to use the words in the sentence.

Usually, I take time to learn the language by conversing with Koreans. I think it is more effective because you can learn the language naturally, but this book is also useful because it does not only instruct in a bookish manner, it also shows how to construct sentences in the most natural way.

If you don't know how to read and write Korean, don't worry because aside from the in depth approach of explaining things, the book also provide the romanization equivalent of the word. So this is also good to practice reading and writing in Hangeul. Although I would recommend not to really rely on romanization, but for starters, I find it necessary. I guess the book could help you learn how to read and at the same time learn how to use it properly in the sentence.

Not only that, this book has its own word builder. Unlike other textbooks I read, this book display the equivalent English translation of words in the sample sentences. This is very effective to build up your Korean Vocabulary.

I also like their workbook. It is somehow interactive and very comprehensible. A great way to test what I have learned so far in Korean language.

All possible ways of learning the language can be found in this workbook. It is not boring because the activities are diverse.

Learning Korean is not difficult, but it is also not easy and it could not be done overnight. Depending on your ability to absorb the knowledge, it may take time before you can actually fully grasp the language. All you need to have are determination and effective learning materials. Once you started understanding Korean, you will realize how fun it is to learn this language.


  1. Hope to learn Korean soon as well. Their culture is interesting. Actually my brother knows a bit and I am thinking of learning some as well myself. Books can help but I think other ways such as having a personal teacher is more effective.

  2. It's a must to learn this language to level-up our knowledge. Best for Filipino youngsters to study and learn.

  3. Good on you that you are learning Korean.. The reason that i want to learn to speak Korean is because I want to watch the Korean Drama without the need for subtitles..

  4. This is pretty cool and all. What's sad though is that many youngsters, I've noticed, put more effort in learning foreign languages like Korean and Japanese than they do their own mother tongue (Tagalog, Cebuano, etc.) which they could barely speak. That's really sad to me.

  5. I like it when a Korean speaks their language in public it is just really so cute and because of that I want to learn their language but I can't find time to do that, this book is good for my younger sister who is an online english teacher for Koreans.

  6. After watching My Love From The Star I want to study Korean language so I can talk with Korean persons hehe. :)


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