"Let Me Introduce Myself" - An Invitation to the Photography Exhibition of Migrant Workers in Korea

Hear ye, hear ye.
All Ye Kings and Queens.
Knights and Nobles.
OFWs and migrant workers in Korea!

A photography exhibition is planned to showcase the culmination of the Media class of Yangcheon Global Migrant Center with the theme "Let Me Introduce Myself". Here is the content of the invitation.

The migrant workers in S.Korea have a photography exhibition about 'Self'. The period is from 28th of May to 1st of June, and there will be closing party at 3pm, 1st of June. The venue is 'Gwanggyo Gallery' in Cheonggye stream. Please come and see what we say through photography.
* This exhibition is a final presentation of Media Class in Yangcheon Global Migrant Center.

And yes, I will be participating in the said exhibit. This will be my first time to join this kind of event. I started photography as a hobby and if you have read my previous posts on this blog especially my travel posts, pictures play a vital role. So I decided to enroll in a photography class so I could be able to provide good photos here.

If you have time on the said dates, feel free to visit our work at the Gwanggyo Gallery in Cheonggye Stream. Refer to the poster for more details.

See you there.