How Can OFWs Achieve Financial Freedom? – An Invitation to the Financial Literacy Seminar for OFWs in Korea

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A group of OFW in South Korea during the Financial Literacy Seminar

Ask any random OFW about the reason why he or she works abroad and you will get almost the same reason: To Help My Family and Provide Their Needs!

That reason would often translate to their desire of achieving financial freedom. No OFW would want to leave their family in the Philippines just for nothing. When I came here in Korea with a bunch of Filipino hopefuls, I remember one Filipino worker saying “Para ito sa pagpapagamot ng tatay ko!” with deep conviction as he stepped out of the airplane at Incheon Airport. I can still clearly recall his expression and for some reason, I pitied that guy. Actually, I pitied everybody I was with on that same plane because I can sense fear on them despite their hopeful facades. The promise of earning 5 digits salary in Korea maybe promising for all of us, but the lack of knowledge on how to handle vast amount of money would be no difference to earning just 4 digits salary in the Philippines. This is the reason why I find it necessary for everybody to strive for financial literacy because if you let yourself overwhelmed with the amount of money, your bank account will always remain at PHP 0 balance.

Let’s take for example the life of Mr. Floi Wycoco, I was so inspired with his life story because I can relate to him. Like us, he was an OFW in Singapore earning a whooping 6 digits salary. He was overwhelmed with the money he earned and he spent all of it to the point of buying a luxury wristwatch worth P70, 000. Take that! At the end of the day, no matter how big he earned from his daytime job, his pocket remained empty. His stint in Singapore did not work well despite the fact of earning more than what the usual 8 hour employee earned. From there, he began searching for solution to financial dilemma, and he found out that the only way to not become broke is to become financial literate. When he started to study Financial Investments and Management from books, youtube videos and seminars, he started to experience a remarkable turning point in his financial life. He learned how to invest, how to save and how to manage his finances. And now, a former OFW with the reputation of being a spender is now a certified investor and he used his story to advocate others especially OFWs to venture on different financial investments for a better future.  He went back to the Philippines in the arms of his family and applied what he learned to make the money effectively work for him.

Here’s the good news! That Mr. Floi Wycoco I am talking about will come here in South Korea. Yes, you heard it right! He will come here to share information we need to know on how to handle your personal finances and introduce the different investment vehicles that we can avail. Not only that, Mr. Randel Tiongson, a remarkable speaker who teaches OFW financial education, will also join him in reaching out to OFWs here in Korea. This is one rare opportunity for us to be visited by these financial advisors to give us heads up on how we can make the most out of our money and will help us return to our family without worrying for the finances and never leave them again. Attending seminars like this is one effective way to get yourself educated because you are getting first hand information from the experts.

The OFW Financial Literacy Seminar will be on September 7, 2014 at 4th Floor Pius Building at Incheon City. If you want to register for this seminar and know the corresponding learning fees, go head on to this LINK and contact the people in charge for the registration.

This seminar is a sequel of the first one which was held last June 29, 2014. You can check the video below for the highlights of that event.

If you are an OFW who wants to get out of the bondage of corporate slavery, you would want to find alternatives on how to make your money work for you. It's time to educate yourself financially for the better future of your family. Go attend this seminar and who knows, like Mr. Floi Wycoco, you can be able to open your mind and this may become a turning point of your life.

For more updates and information about the seminar, please like PINOY STOCK MARKET INVESTORS IN KOREA.

See you there!!!


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