How to Claim Your Departure Guarantee Insurance? -Based on the New Law For Tejikom (퇴직금)

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Effective July 29, 2014, the Departure Guarantee Insurance can only be claimed only during the departure from South Korea to the Philippines. Let’s make it clear that the only workers affected with this new law are those who have employers subscribed to the Departure Guarantee Insurance.

What is this Departure Guarantee Insurance anyway and how is it related to 퇴직금 (Tejikom)?

Well, technically, the Departure Guarantee Insurance and Tejikom are the same. The Tejikom is the severance pay given to workers who have worked in a particular company for at least one (1) year.  The employers, instead of paying you your Tejikom, have the option to subscribe to the Departure Guarantee Insurance in order to relieve the weight of the payment. The Departure Guarantee Insurance was implemented by the Korean Government in favor for the employers. Should a worker decide to leave the company and have rendered a service at least one year, the insurance company will pay their Tejikom instead of the employer. After a worker left the company, he can file to claim his Tejikom right away.

However, the new law has presented a new alternative to claim the Tejikom of those who have subscribed to the Departure Guarantee Insurance. The transcript of the new regulation is very long but it wouldn’t hurt to read it anyway. You can download and read the whole transcript HERE.

The length of the information is very intimidating, but the most important thing to note is how to get the severance pay. This is the process:

      1.      One (1) month before your departure, submit your application to Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company. If you don’t know about this insurance company, your boss should be able to help you for this.

      2.      Choose your preferred way of receiving the money. There are two ways: First is through remittance to your bank account in the Philippines. Second is through personal transaction. If you choose the second option, the money will literally be given to you at the airport after you passed the immigration desk.

      3.      If you chose the first option which is through remittance to your bank account, you need to present the following requirements:

*Registration of release (If you transferred company during your tenure)
*Registration of employer

Note that your bank will be automatically notified with this.

     4.      If you chose the second option, which is through personal claim, you must secure an order from the insurance company during your application. Present this order to the bank at Incheon International airport before your departure and the bank will issue you the cash payment.

Make sure to process the application one (1) month before your departure so you can check if your boss paid the exact amount for your Departure Guarantee Insurance. Feel free to ask the staffs of the insurance company on how to compute the contribution so you could tally the expected amount to the actual amount on your account.

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  3. Thanks sa Info....

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