Tour Around the World in One Day at Aiins World(아인스월드) Korea

Entrance to Aiins World Korea
Entrance to Aiins World Korea

Have you been dreaming of traveling around the world? Are you wanderlust enough to aim to see the world’s greatest landmarks and famous sculptures and buildings? Do you want to tour the world in One day? Then go to South Korea!!!... Yes, you read it right, South Korea has this place called AIINS WORLD (아인스월드) that allows everyone to take a glance of what the world has to offer to travelers for one day, or less. Located in Bucheon, Aiins World has been one of the famous attractions outside Seoul to both the locals and tourists in Korea. In this place, you will see the World’s famous monuments and buildings.

Let’s take for example the Stonehenge. This is one mysterious landmark that I really want to visit. They said that Stonehenge was constructed by aliens. There are also some conspiracy theories that these stones were used by some cult or religious groups a long time ago. Until now, the mystery is still unresolved, that’s why I am so interested to visit this in England.

Stonehenge at Aiins World Korea
Stonehenge at Aiins World Korea

What is good about Aiins World is that they have placed markers on the footpath so that you will not find it hard to take a perfect angle when you want to make a structure as your background. Like this Eiffel Tower in France, one can be very inventive or creative in posing in front of the tower, but nothing beats the well-placed marker for better photo.

eiffel tower in Aiins world
Filipino tourists posing in front of Eiffel Tower like it's real

As I’ve said, almost all popular structure in the world has a representative at Aiins World. Australia represent!!! When I say famous structure and when I say World, you can’t take out the Opera House in the equation.

Opera House of Australia at Aiins World
Opera House of Australia at Aiins World

And even the Cathedrals in France, they each has its own version at Aiins World. Just like this Cathedral of Chartes.

cathedral of chartres in Chartres, France
cathedral of chartres in Chartres, France

Speaking of Cathedral, you can stand in awe to the colorful and magnificent representation of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.

St Basil's Cathedral of Russia at Aiins World

Even natural landmarks such as the Petra in Jordan is best represented here.

Petra of Jordan
Petra of Jordan

There are a lot more interesting and famous structures at Aiins World. It is one place where you can enjoy the world’s best and at the same time learn from it because they posted information about the structure in different languages. As for the rest of the structures present at Aiins World, I will leave it to your next visit at this very interesting park.  Other interesting structures are the Tower Bridge of UK, the Louvre Museum of Rance, the Sphynx of Egypt, Colossus of Rhodes of Greece and the Great Wall of China.

Aiins world is located at this address: Address: Gyeonggi-do Bucheon-si Wonmi-gu Sang-dong 529-2

Regular admission fee is 10,000 KRW and 7,000 KRW for kids. If you want to visit at night time, it’s a little bit expensive.

To go to Aiins World, take Seoul Subway Line number 7 and get off at Samsan Stadium Station. Go to Exit number 5 and walk for about 150 m. Then take Bus 558 and Get off at Aiins World (아인스월드) bus stop. You can just actually walk from Samsan Stadium Station if you want.


Eat To Live said…
What an fun way to see the world. It would look and probably feel like you are really there. My Hubs and I want to go to Italy.
Kiwi said…
How fun is this place!! I would love to pseudo travel the world in this place of AIINS...never knew a place in Korea such as this existed!
Unknown said…
It looks like you had an amazing time visiting these historical sites in Korea. I would love to go to Korea and see some of the sites in the photos...they are beautiful and full of so much history.
I want a trip to Italy someday. I'd love to see all the sites and eat. The cathedrals of France would be amazing also.
MikiHope said…
This is definitely a unique way to see the world and a whole lot less expensive then to travel to each and every place represented!
Unknown said…
You had a fun way to visit the world ! this is really unique i hope we can go there with my family we love tour. and this place was a great place to visit. love your photos
Heather Jones said…
Wow!! What a fun place to visit! I would love to visit there! Didn't even know they had a place like this in Korea! I like that they put the markers on the footpaths so you can take a nice picture!
That looks like so much fun! We'll definitely have to stop by when we visit Korea.
This looks like it would be a big blast! What a really cool idea. I think it's great and would love to do somethibg like this. If I were ever in that area! - Jeanine
Mama to 5 said…
Wow that is a really neat place to visit. I would love to take my kids there! All great places in one place!
Amanda Tempel said…
Wow, I've never heard of a place like that! How unique, and cool! I would love to go to a place like that - You kinda get to experience it all, huh?
ourfamilyworld said…
My family visited this place when we went to Korea. It was fun and it's a great place to learn about the different parts of the world.
Nikki said…
Such a fun way for visiting the world! really great place to visit i wish we can go there with my family. I think you had a wonderful day :) thank you for sharing
Unknown said…
What a wonderful, fun way to visit the world! A lot less expensive too. ;)
MrsTee said…
This sounds like so much fun!! Around the world and it's most beloved sights in one day...who knew South Korea had something so awesome? Thanks so much for sharing!
Unknown said…
Oh my gee, this is the place for me! I have always wanted to travel the world...this would be the perfect substitute...too bad it's too far from me ;-(
stephanickety said…
What a neat place to visit! Are they really telling people there that Stonehenge was created by aliens? How crazy!
Tiany said…
What an amazing place, a great history lesson t learn in a day too!