Wednesday, August 31, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Naksan Beach (낙산 해변) in Yangyang, Gangwondo

Forget about Pokemon Go. Forget about Sokcho. In the neighborhood, there’s Naksan beach where you can go all out wild and loud.

Our church community at Naksan Beach

Every summer, Gangwondo is one of the many go to places in South Korea because there are a lot of beaches in this province and you know which is the best one if it is the most visited, and in this case, Naksan beach is topping the list.

Straight from our trip to Hongcheon, we went as far as the County of Yangyang to swim the beach of Naksan.  The road from Hongcheon to Yangyang was not that easy though. We felt like passing through the intestine of the chicken, in the Philippines, we call it “Bitukang Manok”. It’s a road not for dizzy people because you might just puke along the way. The best part of the trip though is reaching the highest highway in the mountain. We reached the spot where it measures around 1013 meters away from the sky.

A highway only 1013 m away from the sky

After about an hour or so, we arrived at the Naksan Beach in Yangyang. Well, it’s just like any other beaches in South Korea, but if ever you are trying to figure out about whether to visit this beach or not, here are my top 5 reasons why you should definitely go to Naksan Beach especially during summer.

1. White sands

The white sand of Naksan Beach

Who would not love white sands? The first thing that impressed me of Naksan Beach is its 4 km wide white sands. I am not sure though if it’s naturally white sand, but who cares, it’s always refreshing to see a beach with white sand because it’s a good addition to the element of fun in the beach.

2. The beach umbrella

Beach umbrellas

I like how they thought of installing beach umbrellas right in front of the seashore. Who would not want an umbrella under the scorching heat of the sun? With these giant big umbrellas set up sporadically right in front of the beach, you can picnic, sleep or just relax without being burned by the sun. But of course it comes with a small additional payment. For those who do not want to pay for the umbrellas, you can freely set up tents in the area for your shelter.

3. Shallow Waters

Unlike any other beaches, non swimmers like me could definitely enjoy Naksan beach because it has shallow waters. Even kids with their lifeguards on can be left alone swimming in this beach. Plus there are life guards everywhere who have all eyes set on the swimmers. I also noticed that the beach is not that wavy. I was waiting for the big waves to come because I enjoy playing with the sea waves, but none, which I think is favorable for some.

4. Awesome view of nature

As it is surrounded by mountains, the sight of luscious green trees are so common in the area. I think it’s better during the autumn season, but the nearby forest is an additional treat for those who are extra wanderer who maybe would like to gander the nearby attractions.

5. It’s a beach and More!

And speaking of wanderer, maybe you would like to go to the Naksana Temple and the Seoraksan National Park. Naksan beach is very near these tourists attractions, so if you want to get yourself off the water, you can take a bus and head on to these nearby must visit spots in Yangyang.

Next time you plan a trip to Gangwondo, you might want to consider going to Naksan Beach at Yangyang County of the Gangwondo Province.

Complete Address:

강원도 양양군 강현면 해맞이길 59
59 Haemaji-gil Ganghyeon-myeon Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do

If you want to go there via public transportation, you can take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Yangyang Bus Terminal. From Yangyang Bus Terminal, take bus number 9 OR 9-1 in front of the terminal and get off at Naksan.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At the Riverbed of Hongcheon County of Gangwondo Province

When we think of Gangwondo, maybe the first thing that comes in our mind is “beaches”. Sure, Gangwondo has beautiful beaches but places like Hongcheon offers a different kind of experience to its visitors.

Hongcheon is a home of the most popular summer destination in Korea, the Vivalde Park Ocean World. As I like to avoid the mainstream, I am not going to talk about the Ocean World because I haven’t been there just yet. So what did I do at Hongcheon?

Last summer, our church community in Korea held its first ever baptism ceremony at the river of Hongcheon in Gangwondo. It was also an opportunity for us to kick off our summer vacation since the place is way colder than in the City. For hotter days, Hongcheon could be a great destination because when we arrived at the place, I forgot it was summer. The weather was not as humid as in Seoul and all I felt was cool breeze from the green trees of the mountains that envelope Hongcheon as if protecting it against any unwanted invaders like typhoon or storm.

Our community at Hongcheon County

On our way to the river, we can’t help but amazed with the villages in Hongcheon. It looks like the county is in an outskirt area of Korea already because its terrain is mainly mountainous. As I look everywhere, all I saw was mountains and mountains and mountains, but the houses and the villages are definitely one for the book. I love how sophisticated the houses eventhough it’s not in the city. The houses are something you would like to live in for a relaxing vacation.

In front of one of the pension houses in Hongcheon

While we traveled to look for the best river, we can’t help but noticed the agriculture at Hongcheon. Farmers could be very happy with the outcome of their hard labor because their crops which are mainly rice, corn and vegetables looked so healthy, as if they were happily waving at us while we passed at some unknown street in the county. The green fields reminded me of my own hometown in the Philippines.

Vegetable farming at Hongcheon

The star of Hongcheon, in my book, is actually the river. That was what we came for in the first place. We were a little bit worried because when we arrived, the river looked like muddy, but luckily, it’s just one part of the river because on the other side, it was clear and clean. The challenge though was to find the best, or at least a comfortable spot to camp in. We were already hungry when we arrived so our first priority was to find for a place where we can have a picnic. It’s not surprising how the river was quite crowded that time seeing that it was summer when we went there. People tend to go to cool places like the river during summer days. The good thing about the place is that, it is open for everybody and everywhere (as long as there’s space) could be a perfect spot for picnic.

Enjoying the river of Hongcheon

After our breakfast, we walked our way down to the river just to check it out. Since we still have ample time, we ended up swimming in the cold water of the river of Hongcheon. I like how there are spots good for swimming, and there are spots good for those who just like to step on the riverbed without the intention of getting wet. The only setback was, it was so cold, icy cold. We gradually soaked our body in the water because we really can’t stand the cold. After a long while, we got the hang of the water and finally enjoyed swimming in the river. Since when was the last time I swam in the river? It was quite a nostalgic experience for me. I also spotted some squirrels freely running in the giant roots of the trees that surrounded the riverbed. It was surreal for me because my belief for the preservation and love of nature has been restored right at that moment.

So we swam the whole morning in the cold river until we burned all the food we ate. During lunchtime, we ended up hungry, we went to the pension house we rented to have some rest and to take our lunch. Yes, you read it right, there are pension houses in the area, which means, people are really going to this place and stay for several days to enjoy nature at Hongcheon. It is also important if you could get a contact of the pension houses in Hongcheon and make some reservation so you can ensure you have a place to stay there. Our pension house was an actual family house. The kind owner of the house shared their humble abode to us so we could spend a night at Hongcheon. They provided a kitchen so we could cook and eat, and shared several rooms to us so could comfortably sleep at night.
In the afternoon, we went to the river again for the baptismal ceremony. The river was not as cold as in the morning, so after the baptism, we decided to stay in the river and we swam our heart out until dusk. Swimming was more fun in the afternoon than in the morning. The heat of the sun was not that harsh and the water was a little bit friendly to us.

Although I was so in love with the Hongcheon River, there are still a lot of lovable things about Hongcheon than just the river. It’s a peaceful county with friendly people and a very impressive natural environment. Overall, Hongcheon offered us a fun and relaxing vacation. It literally took us away from the hassle and buzzle of the city life.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reminiscing My Happiest Memory In Seoul

I believe that in order to fully experience Korea, you must go visit the provinces, experience the culture and see what Korea could offer to tourists other than Seoul. However, as I explored this country from the Northernmost City of Paju to the Southern cities of Busan, Pohang and Gyeongju, I realized that Seoul is an epitome of Korea’s best. Well, how could it be the Capital City of this country if it does not really represent the best of Korea? I can be oblivious to the beauty of Seoul since I’ve been to this city for a hundred times already, but what really reminds me of its awesomeness and what really convinced me that it is indeed the best city of this country is the happy memories that happened to me during my several visits to Seoul. But just like in a contest, there should only one that has that X Factor, the one that stands out among any others, and if I have to choose the happiest one, it should be that time when I wore the Korean Traditional cloth called Hanbok during a tour in Seoul in a cold Winter day.

In front of Gyeongbokgung Palacee

It was January 2014 when a Hanbok Rental shop in Seoul contacted me to try out their Hanbok for free. Since I am a lover of freebies, I dragged some of my friends and challenged them to wear a Hanbok while roaming around Seoul. Don’t get me wrong, Hanbok is a beautiful piece of clothing, I always admire its details, I salute the heart behind the makers of every Hanbok, and I have high respect for Korean national dress. However, as a foreigner, it would be an unusual or unique experience for us to wear that and go commute in the subway and visit several tourist spots in Seoul during winter. It was such a humbling and awesome experience for me. The Seoulites in the subway were smiling at us as if we got their respect for wearing something that is important for them.

My heart leapt for joy as Koreans in Seoul were giving us a nod of approval as we walked along the Gwanghwamun Square wearing the Hanbok. For me, it was the best way to engulf in Korean culture while enjoying the happy ambiance of Gwanghwamun Square. The Hanbok we wore did not protect us well against the cold weather, but we braved it because we don’t want to spoil the experience. For several occasions that I met the statue of King Sejong, I felt like I was connected even more to the founder of Korean alphabets when I took the photo in front of his statue with my Hanbok.

Meeting King Sejong on my Hanbok

In front of the Gwanghwamun Square stands the glorious and majestic Gyeongbokgung Palace. I told my friends that we must go enter the palace while we were on our Hanbok, and I tell you, it was a different kind of experience. It was not my first time to enter Gyeongbokgung, but I felt ecstatic to tour the palace in a Hanbok. We went to different corners of the palace and pretended as if we were in the Joseon Dynasty. We imagined we were traveling back in time and that we actually live in that palace. It was so much fun, and it’s an understatement.

Pretending as if I'm in the Joseon Dynasty at Gyeongbokgung Palace

The best part of my happiest day in Seoul was when we went to the Bukchon Hanok Village after our tour at Gyeongbokgung. As much as we would like to move on with our time traveling set up, the village reminded us even more of ancient Korea as it showcased the traditional houses of Korea. It’s actually an actual village with all the houses called Hanok preserved from the Joseon Dynasty. It’s a tourist spot but it’s actually an actual village. We visited every single corner of this village, tried some of the street food in the area and took some photos to capture our happy moment as we enjoyed our stay in the village.

Showcasing the beautiful Hanbok

And then it snowed. I guess it was the most awesome way to end the most awesome day in Seoul. The white flakes falling from the sky made that day even more memorable. We may not had the warmest clothes during that time, but the warm greetings of Seoulites helped us survived the cold. I have some more happy moments in Seoul, I could still even make happier moments in the future, but so far, when I think of Seoul, I think about that day. It was an adventure, an experience, and most of all, the happiest memory.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Join Free Seminar in Korea About Investing in Foreclosure Properties in the Philippines

The Financial Literacy Advocate Network (FLAN) is organizing another free seminar for Filipino migrants in South Korea. In the past year of its existence, FLAN has introduced different investment vehicles especially Stock Market. A lot of Filipino migrants now in South Korea are not just workers but also investors of the Philippine Stock Market. Although I can’t really credit it all to the effort made by FLAN in educating OFWs in Korea in the financial aspect, but since this group conducted series of free seminars, a lot of OFWs in Korea are now more interested to learn about investing.

Now, here’s another opportunity to educate ourselves with another interesting investment vehicle. It is called Foreclosure Properties Investment. Do you have any idea about this? As Wikipedia describes it, Foreclosure Investment refers to the process of investing capital in the public sale of a mortgaged property following foreclosure of the loan secured by that property.

Sounds interesting right?

If you want to know more about this and find out if this type of investment is for you, why not join the Free Seminar about Foreclosure Properties on September 4, 2016. Please refer to the poster below for more information.

The Speaker for the said seminar is no other than the “El Subastahero” himself, Mr. Noli Alleje. He will come all the way from the Philippines just to conduct this free seminar for all of us.  Mr.  Alleje is one of the pioneers of foreclosure investment in the Philippines. If you want to know more about our speaker, watch this video.

 For those who are interested to attend this free seminar, please sign up on the Google Document by clicking THIS LINK.

See you there.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Life of Patriot Yu Gwansun (유관순) : A National Liberation Day of Korea Special

For most of us foreigners in Korea, August 15 is one of those National Holidays that we look forward to because we don’t have to wake up early in the morning and go to work (at least true for some). However, for Koreans, this day is a very special day because August 15 is a commemoration of the National Liberation day of Korea. What does it mean? In Korea, they call this day Gwangbokjeol which means “the day the light returned”. This day marks the victory of Korea for claiming their independence from Japanese colonial rule. If you still don’t know what it means, you better go to the INDEPENDENCE HALL OF KOREA which is located in Cheonan, this is where you get to learn how this country suffered from the invasion of Japanese.

During the Japanese invasion, many have died and suffered under the cruelty of the oppressors. If not for those heroes who sacrificed their lives, we don’t have a free and progressive Korea today. I can’t obviously mentioned every heroes and unsung heroes, but in lieu of the celebration of the National Liberation Day of Korea, I will feature here the one I admired the most, and she, yes she’s a girl, is no other than, the patriot Yu Gwansun(유관순).

The monument of Patriot Yu Gwansun

You probably just scratch your head reading her name and decide to stop reading this because this is completely boring, but you will really admire her as much as I do if I tell you that she died at 18 years old fighting for the independence of this country. Yes, you read it right, 18 years old! And what can 18 years old of this generation willing to sacrifice for the country? Let me tell you her story.

If you are familiar of March 1 Independence Movement, it’s one of the national holidays here in Korea because they commemorate the biggest movement that happened during the Japanese colonial rule, again if you are not familiar, go visit the Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan. Patriot Yu Gwansun was one of the organizers of this event. It was actually a protest against Japanese, and an organizer like her could not do any harm except for protesting in a peaceful way. She led the movement to proclaim to the Japanese invaders that Korea wants its independence, because of that, she became the symbol of Korea’s fight for independence through a peaceful way. In this day and age, we may call her the Mokingjay of her generation. She’s a Katniss Everdeen of Korea.

The actual uniform of Yu Gwansun at Ehwa Women's University

During this movement, she was still a student at Ehwa Women’s University in Seoul. However, because of what happened, the government temporarily closed her University and she had no other choice but to go back to her hometown in Cheonan. The house of Patriot Yu Gwansun still exists in Yondu-ri village in Cheonan, it’s a small place with a very laid back ambiance. The government preserved her house to give honor to her patriotism.

A tour at the house of Patriot Yu Gwansun in Yonduri Village

I am proud to say that I was able to visit her humble abode. Imagine, this house is already more than a 100 years old. It’s pretty simple and everything that a household needs in a house is there. I don’t know if this is what rich people house looks like a long long time ago, but for me, it’s quite decent. There are some diorama of some scenes that happened during that time.

Inside the house of Patriot Yu Gwansun

When patriot Yu Gwansun returned to this home, the fire in her heart was still burning. The desire for independence was still there, so she encouraged her parents to fight with her for claiming the victory of the country. She spread the information about what’s happening in Seoul and about how bad the effect of Japanese occupation to the country. She visited the neighboring villages and churches in her hometown to arouse the public feelings against Japanese invasion.

One of the churches Yu Gwansun attended

Through her effort, the people were informed and she was able to encourage the public to fight for what does rightfully belong to them. She, with the help of her parents, organized a public demonstration at Aunae Market in her hometown, but it was dispatched by the Japanese Police causing the lives of her parents and hundreds of people who participated in the demonstration.

Patriot Yu Gwansun on the other hand was sentenced for 5 years imprisonment for sedition and security law violation. However, that did not kill her spirit. She continued to protest against Japanese colonial administration. Because of protesting, she was tortured while she’s in prison. In September 28, 1920, when she was 18 years old, she died because of torture.

The museum of Yu Gwansun

Today, Patriot Yu Gwansun has a memorial hall in Cheonan as a homage to her bravery and love for the country. In this museum, you will see memorabilia of Yu Gwansun. Her photos, uniform and even her story are displayed in this museum. You will also get to experience what she experienced in prison because there are scenario and actual prison cells in this hall.

In my book, the life of Patriot Yu Gwansun is a very inspiring one and it should be shared to the next generation. It should remind them that without Yu Gwansun, the August 15 National Liberation Day of Korea would never exist.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Day Tour at Yecheon County with Adventures Korea

About Yecheon

I always say that every City, County and Provinces in South Korea has the same characteristics. Just look at the buildings, the establishments and the markets, everywhere you go, you will see the same setup. However, Yecheon County is quite different. I can say that it has its own characteristics, although it’s unnoticeable at first, it somehow offers a different kind of feel to the tourists.
During the summer vacation, a tour organized by Adventure Korea brought us to the hidden county called Yecheon. It’s a far place if you are coming from Seoul because it is located in the province of North Gyeongsang. Some 50,000 Koreans live in this place and it has a total area of about 661 square km. The tour was organized to introduce Yecheon to foreigners like us. I bet you haven’t heard about this place before. If not for this tour, I would’ve not, for the life of me, come to visit Yecheon. Somehow, it’s interesting to go to places you don’t even know because it leads to the discovery of hidden treasures, well, not literally treasure like gold or something, but experiences and culture and whatnot.

The trip to Yecheon was graced by the foreigners living and working in South Korea, and it was actually dominated by Filipinos. The cost for the whole trip was only 10,000 won. It’s quite unbelievable because it’s a far place and 10,000 won is not even enough for the fare from Seoul to Yecheon, but since they offer it at that price, who are we to question, right? We departed from Seoul at Around 8 AM, an hour late from our expected time, but it’s forgivable. The trip was smooth and after about 4 hours, we arrived at our first agenda, the clay shooting.

Mungyeong Shooting Range

At the entrance of Mungyeong Shooting Range
Photo credit: Arman Carinan
Although this is not part of our Yecheon tour, we went to Mungyeong to try the shooting range. I’ve never expected I would try this one out because it’s not on my to-do-list. The only thing that convinced me to try the clay shooting was the thought of me holding a real air rifle and pulls its trigger. Plus, Mungyeong is such a beautiful place, it was such a nice experience to shoot clay targets in an open field while in the middle of the green mountains.

Some action at the shooting range area
Photo Credit: Arman Carinan

I have to be brutally honest though that out of 25 bullets, I think I hit only 5 targets. I know I was a loser on that part, but it was an experience. If clay shooting costs around 19,000 won for 25 bullets, another alternative is shooting using revolver. The 10 bullets costs only 13,000 won and apparently, they are the cheapest shooting range in the whole South Korea, as in cheap in terms of pricing.

Ancient Folk Town at Yecheon

After our shenanigans at Mungyeong Shooting Range, we went to the ancient folk town in Yecheon. The trip was a good cultural experience for all of us foreigners especially that some of the old establishments there still exist. Although the town has been developed throughout the years, some of them were able to preserve just like this Magkeolli or Rice Wine brewery, and do you know how old is this? This is around 100 year old already and it is still functioning up to this day.

100 year old makeolli brewery at the ancient town at Yecheon

We entered the brewery and we tried the freshly made magkeolli made by the expert magkeolli maker. I've tried drinking makeolli before just to try it out, but I realized it was even better to drink it while being watched by the master of magkeolli.

The authentic maker of authentic makkeoli

The ahjussi who made the magkeolli we drunk was somehow pleased with the way we appreciated his work. Although I am not a fan of magkeolli, it was my first time to taste it fresh from the oven, but of course it didn’t come from the oven, I meant it’s as fresh as the spring water.

The taste of fresh makeolli

Inside the oldest magkeolli brewery in town, we had a mini magkeolli party. They served us with one big pot of the rice wine but since we were on tour, we could not go all out in drinking the wine. We just tasted it and we had a little tour inside the brewery.

Aside from the magkeolli brewery house, there are still other old establishments in the town. Although I can just count them with my finger, these treasures are instant natural attraction to this old little town in Yecheon. Since it was lunch time, we also had a taste of Korean food in the area. Albeit the same as in any other Korean food in other parts of Korea, we still enjoyed the lunch time at the old town.

Barehand fishing at Hancheon River

Hancheon River

We braved the scorching heat of the sun to take time to walk a little bit in the area, but it was too hot that time, so we decided to head on to our next activity. We were on time for the barehand fishing experience at the Hancheon River.

People barehand fishing at the Hancheon River
It was a whooping 39 degrees Celsius and people are there in the middle of the river trying to catch the slippery poor fishes in the riverbed. It was a little bit crowded seeing that it’s midday and people have nothing to do but to catch fishes.

Ahjussi Caught the fish with his barehand

But of course, we joined in. Once I set my feet on the river, I didn’t feel the hotness and the humidity of the weather. At the end of it all, I was not able to catch even one fish. Maybe I was too noisy, or I was too busy, or I am not skilled for this kind of activity. How could you even catch a fish with your barehand? Surprisingly, the locals were able to collect good numbers of fishes for dinner time. Good for them!

The World Insect Expo

The tourists of Adventures Korea at the entrance of The World Insect Expo

Our next stop was at the World Insect Expo. The expo will run up to August 15, 2016 with the theme “Smart Future With Insects”. If we had the cultural experience at the ancient folk town, at the expo, we were educated about insects. The expo is located at the public stadium and at the Institute of Insect Ecology which are just adjacent to the Hancheon River.

People enjoying the exhibits at the expo

My first reaction when I heard about going to the insect expo was…hmppp… booorinngg… I was not so interested with insects, but it’s amazing how people at Yecheon patronized the expo. The expo has an entrance fee of 9,000 won but it’s still crowded. Look at how people are willing to pay just to see insects. The Metropolitan government did a great job in marketing in this event.

At the World Insect Expo

Since we were there already, I decided to might as well see the expo. I find it actually interesting. I got to see different kinds of insects in the world. Some of them are fake, but some of them are still alive. The expo was set up in different halls in the area and it has all the elements and information concerning insects and its industry. Through the expo, I was able to realize the role of the insects in our environment and how it affects us human being. We are all connected.

Wake Up City Festa Water Park

The Water Park
The last part of the tour and the fun one was the Water Park!!!

As I’ve said, it was 39 degrees celcius hot and all I wanted at that moment was to soak in the tub of a cold water, and the water park, our last destination, was heaven sent.
Although for me, it’s a kiddie type of activity, but who cares, adults can be kids too right? They installed three big inflating pools in the area where people, mostly kids can swim and play with the water. There's also live performance on the other part of waterpark where people were entertained by the local singers.

Enjoying the slide at the waterpark
But the stars of the waterpark are these two big city slides. Apparently, in Korea, installing giant slides in the middle of the city every summer is a trend, and Yecheon, eventhough in a far part of Korea, is joining the bandwagon in this event. It was a fun sliding experience for everyone.

We went home pretty late. We had so much fun with our one day Yecheon trip we didn’t realize it’s already 7 pm. As much as we wanted to stay and enjoy more, we have to go back to Seoul. We arrived at around 10:30 PM in Seoul. We were all tired but I’m sure the memories of Yecheon will be forever in our hearts. It was a short but fun experience. I’ve met new friends, made new memories and above all gained new experiences.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Meet And Greet K-Pop Stars At K-Style Hub (케이스타일허브)

The standfie of BigBang

Do you want to meet Sandara Park and the rest of 2NE1 members?

How about the famous Gangnam Style singer PSY?

Or maybe you want to have a date with G-Dragon or the rest of the Big Bang members?

Well, that’s possible, but with the busy schedule of these Kpop idols, you might find it difficult to get a date with them.

If you go to Korea hoping to bump with the famous Korean stars, chances are you may go home disappointed or rejected.

Virtual 2NE1

However, Korea has a unique way of making your dream to date or take a selfie photo with a Kpop star come true. There’s this place called K-Style Hub in Seoul where you can enjoy taking group photos with some of the famous Kpop idols like 2NE1, Big Bang, Psy and more. Don’t get too excited though because these are just holograms of the artists. You can see them, you can even talk to them, but you can’t touch them because they’re just virtually there. What’s more awesome about K-Style hub is that, it’s totally free. You can just enter the building and enjoy the company of the virtual idols.

Bonding with PSY

If you are not into Kpop, there are still other alternatives to enjoy your stay at Kstyle hub. You can have a tour at their medical center where you can learn the Korean way of healing sickness and diseases. They also have a small café inside where you can buy your favorite drink, sit back and relax at their comfy couches and chairs.

Comfortable couches at the cafe

Aside from that, at K-Style Hub building, you can also tour at their museum of food where it presents different kind of Korean food. From nuts and salt to different kinds of Kimchi, you will be amazed of how health buffs the Koreans are.

Strong message at the Korean food tour

If you want to try the Hanbok, the Korean national Dress, you can wear it for free just for the photo opp.

If you haven’t notice it yet, this building promotes the culture of Korea. From music, food, medicine and National Dress, this place is a one stop destination for those who want to experience a slice of Korea.

The KStar zone

When you are in Seoul, you can visit K-Style Hub. It is located at 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul [서울특별시 중구 청계천로 40 (다동)]. If you go there via subway, get off at Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1),  and go to Exit 5. Admission to the Kstyle hub building is totaly FREE and it is open from 10 am to 6 pm, it is closed every Tuesday.