Don’t go to Korea During Its Autumn Season…..Find Out Why!

(c) Meynard Ramirez Photography
At The Twin Falls in Bangtaessan in the province of Gangwondo South Korea

The beautiful Fall foliage, the brilliant and colorful leaves of the trees, mountains enveloped by golden yellow, orange and red colors. Autumn in Korea reminds me that there’s life after a very long hours of working. It is indeed a perfect manifestation of God’s wonderful creation. Who would have thought that the typical trees can actually emit different colors aside from green? This what makes autumn the most celebrated season of the year. However, if you feel excited to go to Korea during the peak of its autumn season, sorry to disappoint you, but I reckon, for your own sake, don’t do it. It will only break your heart, the first time I experienced Autumn in Korea, I knew it was trouble when it walked in. I am doing you a favor here, I will reveal to you what damage an autumn in Korea can do to you.

1. It will make you want for more

(c) ArmanCarinan Photography
At Catholic University- Bucheon Campus
The ordinary streets of Korea become extra ordinary because of the changing of the colors of the leaves. Just as you are there enjoying the sights, you will suddenly remember that these beautiful leaves will soon fall down to give way to the winter season, and you can’t do anything about it. It caused me heartbreak before and it may happen to you too. At one point of my life, when it’s about to Fall, I tried to beg autumn "To Stay with me, cause that’s all I need”.

2. Autumn in Korea will always remind you that Nothing Lasts Forever

(c) AnnyMartinez Photography
Autumn in Petite France

And because you are still hoping for more after everything has ended, “you go back to the corner where you first experienced Autumn, you camp in your sleeping bag and not gonna move” .

 3. You will realize that life is not fair

(c)ArmanCarinan Photography

When you experience autumn in Korea, it will make you think about it during winter, spring or summer. You anticipate for it to come, but do you even know if Autumn is excited to see you again? I bet not, because “while you are wide awake, autumn has no trouble sleeping, because when the heart breaks, no it don’t break even”.

4. It will cause Sepanx

(c) AnnyMartinez Photography
At Suwon Catholic University
For travelers who will stay in Korea for only couple of days, this must be a hard thing to do. You’ll only get to enjoy it for several days, and then you have to leave Korea and go back to your country. The problem is, the beauty of Autumn of Korea will continue on haunting you even though you are on the other side of the globe, and all you can do is think about it and say “Hello from the other side”.

5. You can’t hide from it

(c) AnnyMartinez Photography
Deoksogung Stone Wall Road
Even if you want to spare yourself from autumn, no, you just can’t do it, because it is everywhere. It’s not only in the mountains, not only in the provinces, but even in the middle of the city, you’ll see colorful trees, “because every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you make, Autumn will keep watching you”

You see, I have five super valid reasons why you should not come to Korea during Autumn. It will give you nothing but heartaches and pain. First, it will make you fall, and then what? It will just leave you eventually.

Are you convinced?

Ok Fine!

The good news is, Autumn will always come back, it will always go back to you once in a year. So if you think you can stand heartbreaks and if you think you are good in few nights stand, then go and experience autumn in Korea. After all, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”


Unknown said…
I love your post! When I first moved here, I was looking forward to experience spring and autumn. It's so worth it. I escaped the humid summer and in a few weeks I'm off again to escape the bitter winter.
Saranghae Korea said…
you tricked the season!!! I would probably do that too if I just have my freedom.
Emre said…
You tricked me with your headline while I was familiar with this format. Shame on me. But you're right, fall is awesome. Nicely written!
Alla Ponomareva said…
I absolutely love fall in Korea and always scout for those perfect Autumn Foliage images around my city. I just posted a few on my Facebook page, I hope you visit and find that Dajeon is worth a visit in this beautiful season.
Unknown said…
Indeed autumn is by far the best season in Korea. Spring is lovely too but summer in Daegu was hell. And winter will be cold. But, the beautiful thing is that we will have fall next year too!
Unknown said…
Such a cute post. I love how you wrote this! I love autumn in Korea...but I also love spring (cherry blossoms!!). Every season is great here! I love that there's no snow in Busan..hehe
Kayley said…
I've just been camping in Naejangsan this weekend and I am so in love with these fall colours! It really is so heartbreaking to know they'll be leaving us so soon :( Cute references to all the songs!
Saranghae Korea said…
Thank you emre, sometimes we need a little bit of creativity to make article more interesting
Saranghae Korea said…
wow, so awesome. I;ve been to Daejeon last summer and I love the city. I think I will love it more this autumn
Saranghae Korea said…
i hate summer. summer is hell anywhere in Korea
Saranghae Korea said…
I love snow though, it's the after effect of snow which is freezing cold that I hate
Saranghae Korea said…
thank you for noticing that. Those are heartbreaking songs.
Wendy said…
your title is misleading hahqhq. I wanted to react immediately. Autumn is just magical, right? All those colors! We never hqve th0se in ourr country.
Unknown said…
ugh.. Nice. had me going for a second.
I could do with out the cold.... But Autumn is surely beautiful.
I hate summer here. Snow is nice for photographing, and I like spring as well..
Those colours though are really amazing.
Izzy said…
Such a cool narrative! I love the way you manipulated that from a seemingly negative to a positive! Hailing from the fall foliage capital of the United States aka New England, it's a huge statement coming from me that I think Korea's autumn rivals that of Massachusetts. The colors are so brilliant especially on the mountainsides and I especially appreciate your comment because its true... "it will always remind you that nothing lasts forever..." and thats the characteristic of the most beautiful things in the world!
Anonymous said…
Nicely Written poi! At first it made me really think what was really the bad reason that made you hate Autumn knowing for everyone and for me it is so magical...hehehehe...Hope to experience it as well next year and I'm going to use your site as my reference when I get there. Great as well in using those song lyrics, very entertaining... Thanks for sharing! See you soon... Mac
Unknown said…
I hate autumn and spring seasons.
Because of the allergy.��