A Quickie Visit at Trickeye’s Love Museum

How do you define love?

There are a lot of definitions of LOVE, and people sometimes define it based on their experience and their perspective. If somebody defines Love, we can’t say it’s right or wrong because when it comes to matter of the heart, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. If you are still looking for the meaning of Love, why not go to LOVE Museum in Seoul. The definition of Love in this museum defies all the slambook definitions as it viewed love in a kinky and naughty perspective. Does that excite you now?

Making out with the sexy lady at the entrance

Love Museum is a new addition to the Trickeye Museum. It’s still part of Trickeye per se, but it has its own floor all dedicated to the exhibits relating to sex and eroticism. At the entrance, Superman with his bulge is waiting for anybody, girl or boy, looking for a cuddle. This will give idea to the people who will enter the museum that something sexy is waiting inside.

Superman with his bulge ready to cuddle anybody.

The good thing about Love Museum is that they provide a paper eyeglass for people who want to disguise. Some people may feel awkward and uncomfortable about the exhibits, so the paper eyeglass can help cover somebody’s identity.

Feel Awkward? Hide with the paper eyeglass

And how is it awkward? Well, for a start, you will see 3D figures of naked women with big boobs.

A big surprise for the visitors of Love Museum

There’s a giant legs spreading at the entrance of the Museum, so everybody can actually peek up and look at something that could leave some work to the imagination.

What's UP?

I felt a little bit awkward especially with the exhibit that shows different sex positions. The key really to feel comfortable is just to make a good laugh out of it. It won’t help if you keep saying “eeewww” and “whoaaaa” more too often. The best way to enjoy the experience being at Love Museum is just to have fun with it.

Some of the many dioramas at Love Museum

Everything you need to learn about sex, you can find it at Love Museum. I guess if lovers will go to this museum, they will feel comfortable with each other’s body because both the male and female sex organs are well represented in the museum. You can actually both see sex in the perspective of both sexes.

A Male Sex Organ represents

We just had a quickie visit at Love Museum though, but I believe we had reached the climax of the tour because we were able to see what we supposed to see. We had a good one round of checking out the exhibits. For those who still have energy, I suggest make a good two or three rounds so you can really check the details of the exhibits. Even if it feels awkward inside Love Museum, don’t make a premature visit because not everyday you can see a porn I mean love expressed in a kinky way. You may find it funny but I assure you will enjoy and find it worthy, even if it’s just a quickie.