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Christian Couple Ardy Roberto and Miriam Quiambao Inspire Filipino Migrants at the Men and Women's Conference in Korea

The attendees of the conference with the speakers Bro. Ardy Roberto and Sis. Miriam Quiambao-Roberto

It’s been said that living in a foreign land is never easy. Needless to say that people working overseas are heroes in their own right for the sacrifices and the setbacks they’re trying to conquer while being away from home. Every Filipino working abroad is going through adversities, and Filipinos in South Korea are not exempted. Just like other OFWs, Filipino migrants in Korea are also dealing with homesickness, longing for their respective partners in the Philippines, missing their kids, their parents and friends and relatives. It is at this state when giving up to temptations and worldly pleasures are easy options. That is why despite the challenge of distance, we must need to protect ourselves against the worldly things that could not only damage us but also our relationship with family, friends and relatives.

For these reasons and more, three churches in South Korea have collaborated to conduct Men and Women’s Conference 2017 as part of the E12 Intentional Discipleship Ministry program. The conference dealt head-on with the way of the world and how we tend to rationalize and justify some wrong doings just so we can jump on to the bandwagon. The conference was attended by a total of 108 Filipino migrants from Sinwoldong Sungkyul Church Foreign Ministry (SSCFM), LOGOS Korea and Christ Commission Ministry (CCM). It was held at the Bears Town Ski Resort in Pocheon last January 27 and 28, 2017. The speakers for this conference were Entrepreneur and Author Bro. Ardy Roberto and his wife, 1999 Miss Universe 1st Runner Up Miriam Quiambao-Roberto.

The couple shares their inspiring life and love story

The conference started Friday evening; everyone braved the nippy weather to the venue just to attend the event. The conference room was fully occupied by the excited attendees. To warm up the hearts and minds, a prayer with hearty and moving praise and worship led by SSCFM music team opened the program of the night. The conference was capped with Bro. Ardy and Sis. Miriam’s personal testimonies.  After dealing with their individual hardships in love and life, God has made the world conspired to make sure that they will end up in each other’s arms. The conference followed a simultaneous storytelling of their individual lives up to the point where circumstances led them together. It was not simply a true to life storytelling, but a bible verse inspired story. Everybody was blessed that night because of the inspiring story of the couple. It is true indeed that nothing will go wrong if you will just pray and commit it all to God.

Attendees from different churches attentively listening to the speakers

The couple also talked about how they dealt with the struggles of keeping the purity between them. They set boundaries just to make sure that they are not doing what unmarried couples are doing nowadays. This part of their testimony made us realized that just because everybody is doing it doesn’t mean it is right. The irony of it all is that, if wrong deeds become too mainstream, you will feel outdated and out of place if you will not do it too. Let’s say for example the pre-marital sex. We all know it’s wrong, but because almost all unmarried couples are doing it, you are not cool if you will not do it too. As a Christian, we ought to do what is always right, because we are here not to please the people but the God that we believe in.

Congregational Prayer

Concluding the night, the couple prayed for everybody in the room. It was a moment of great renewal of spiritual commitment and pouring out the struggles and also the praises to the Lord. Lastly, the couple signed the books that the attendees purchased from them. They also graced the photo taking session despite their tiredness.

On the second day of the conference, the attendees were divided into two groups. One group is for men and the other group is for women. Bro. Ardy Roberto was the speaker for the men’s group. He talked about integrity and he taught how a person could become a man of integrity. At the end of it all, everybody wrote their pledge on a piece of paper to commit to become the man of integrity. Here are some of the reflections of the attendees from the men’s group:

Love your wife....avoid temptation...be a Man of God...Man of integrity...at higit sa lahat laging maging POGI. - Bro. Jasper De Ocampo

Naging challenge po sa akin para maging POGI yong malawak na pag unawa specially sa wife...wag tingnan yong kamalian ng isa.. kilangan mo ring balikan ang sarili mo kong ano ang tama at mali..most important thing is to PRAY pra magkaroon ng integridad na nag mumula sa holy spirit hindi sa pansariling kaalaman..at ma appreciate mo malaki o mallit man na bagay pra maipadama mo ang pagmamahal gaya ng pag mamahal ni KRISTO sa atin..- Bro. Jeorge Guillera
Sis. Miriam Quiambao-Roberto, on the other hand, led the session for the women’s group. She encouraged the women to become prayerful and always ask the Lord for guidance to follow His will. Here are some of the reflections of the attendees:

 *Ang pagkakaroon po ng deep relationship of God
 *Pagkakaroon po ng matatag n faith sa ating Panginoon.
 *Matutong laging mnalangin at hingiin lagi ang gabay ng Panginoon sa bawat hakbang or desisyon sa ating buhay
 *Lagi po nating ipagkatiwala at ilatag sa Panginoon ang ating anumang mga problems o pgsubok sa ating buhy huwag po tayong mgsawang mnalangin.. – Sis Mheey De Real

Women are hot! 1. Have a Heart for God~ Prov. 23:26 I should live inlove to my Savior Jesus Christ, but I can't say that I love God without obeying His word, 2. Obey~Exodus 19:5. If I want God to bless me I should obey what He wants me to do. Obedience equals blessings. 3. Trust ~proverbs 3:5~6 I will trust Him and I won't lean on my own understanding bec. I am nothing without God. When I accepted God not only my Savior also my Lord. So I should let Him lead my life daily. Eto po ang akin. I prayed to God these 3 points will manifest in my heart. In Jesus name I pray Amen. – Sis Cindy Yusi

Ang magkaroon tau ng oras para s pananalangin at tamang lugar. Manalangin s Panginoon khit maliit o sa malalaking desisyon. – Sis Bheng

Yes!. ..I was really touched by her testimony...until now di aq maka move on...un transformation sa kanya ng Panginoon grabe!..Napakabisa tlaga ng prayer...from her testimony, prayer ang naging solution sa lahat ng pinagdaanan niya and nakita naman sa kanya ang naging bunga ng mga panalangin nya...indeed, when we fully surrendered ourselves to God babaguhin at babaguhin Niya tayo until maging kawangis Niya...magkakaroon tayo ng contentment and ung dati nating ginagawa na nagpapasaya sa atin magiging boring na because inilagay na ng Diyos sa ating mga puso ang tunay na joy na nagmumula sa Kanya lamang.kaya naman un sinasabi ni sis Mirriam sa testimony na boyfriend niya si Lord at nararamdaman niya na nanliligaw sa Kanya si Lord..for me, totoo un .kapag talaga naka focus tyo kay Jesus alone maraming kamangha manghang bagay ang ipaparanas sa tin ang Diyos ...Because sis Mirriam was obeyed God, naghaharvest na siya ngayon ng mga blessings..Kaya naman ang challenge sa kin ngayon ,..pray consistently ...and fully surrender myself to God ...I really thank God for the life of sis Mirriam...she encouraged us na walang tunay na kasiyahan without Jesus in our lives...Thank you po sis Mirriam...more souls to win..God bless.. – Sis Len De Ocampo

Her testimony is really challenging and inspiring. No one and nothing can fill the emptiness of our heart and soul. The more we want something for ourselves lalo taung mawawalan, but when we desire to be filled with His presence and to be a woman of God, He will give us beyond our requests and anticipations. But we should fully surrender ourselves first. And ask Him to give us a heart na laging in luv na in luv s Kanya through our consistent and constant prayer. Entrust and submit everything to Him. And pray na minsan is prng imposible ung mga ngyayari katulad ng pgbulong s knya ng Lord s pangalan ni Bro.Ardy to be her husband... But it was real, nothing is impossible to God. Just believe and have faith in Him. – Sis Ana Kim

 Ung reflection ko po sa testimony ni Sis Miriam natotonan ko walang sinumang ma pride na tao ang pinagpapala ni Lord. Because Jesus Christ is the model of humbleness kaya we should humble ourselves before He bless us And we can't obey and submit to anyone if we don't have a humble heart kaya unang una dapat un ang ma change sa puso natin bago freely natin matanggap whatever commands and will God wanted for me to follow.
 Pangalawa matotong makinig sa answer ni Lord to what we prayed for. Hindi ung nagppray but we have something in our mind na gusto na or nka plan (same sa list of ideal person ni Sis Miriam) dapat wag ng mag ask kay Lord kung nka set na sa mind natin ung gusto natin kasi matatagalan lang ung process, at si Lord lang din nman ang masusunod at ma disappoint lang tayo.
Once we asked God for His will, let it be and let God to decide. Kasi nga po He answers our prayer more than to what we deserve. And I have testimonies narin mga kapatid how God answered my prayers more than to what I expect..Hindi lingid sa inyo ang buhay eps at 2x na panganganak ko, sa early na paglabas ni Rak, still i sincere pa ako ng samunim ko. To God be the glory. – Sis Rima Felizardo

Napaka timely & laking challenge for me to trust God 101%.. Not to worry what lies ahead .. set aside "my SELF" Not my own will but His will.. Not my dreams but His plans ... That all will fall into place with His perfect plan and time. But I want to start with my heart desire to have a CONSISTENT INTIMATE-prayer life and time with God.. i want to hear God's voice.. loud and clear.. Esp. in making life-changing decisions ahead us..
Ang ganda nga sinabi niya, humble down.. Obey.. Submit to husband as we submit to God.. fall inlove with God.. That feeling na masaya at excited lagi makausap at makapag spend ng time sa Kanya.. Mag devotion at gumawa ng journal..(kaya from today i long to have that "inlove" feeling with the Lord)
The way Sis. Miriam shared her testimony .. Indeed! You can feel kung paano kumilos ang Panginoon sa buhay niya..
and also that we can share our own testimony on how God touched our hearts & changed us inside-out that may inspire,bless others and get to know Jesus Christ.
Blessed day ahead!     - Sis Khaye Tuazon

!Be Humble alwayz specially to our Lord kc hindi natin kayang lumapit sa panginoon kung tayo ay mataas at hindi natin kayang magpakumbaba...Obey all commands of God and trust in the Lord with all ur heart and lean not ur own understanding!wag tyong manangan sa sarili nating kakayanan at kylangan ipagpray natin ky Lord lahat ng plano at gusto natin sa buhay...at pinaka the best is prayer un talaga ang kylangan natin sa buhay natin is prayer...Kylangan s prayer natin is always God's will not our own will...and i always pray to the Lord na patuloy na bigyan tyo ng wisdom pra malaman natin ung will ng Lord pra sa mga prayers natin kung ano man un?Glory to God.... – Sis Crizel

May bagong inspiration akong nkuha. Waiting upon God's best but in the time of waiting mahalin ang Panginoon ng buong puso at isipan. – Sis Darlyn

After the conference, there was an awarding of certificate to the graduates of the E12 Discipleship Ministry. It was awarded by the respective pastors of the different churches with the speakers Bro. Ardy Roberto and Sis. Miriam Quiambao-Roberto.

Everybody was blessed with what they learned from the conference. It was indeed a very meaningful and memorable event for all the attendees. And as what Pastor Jerry Yusi said, the Men and Women’s conference was the BEST, it is Beautiful, Enlightening, Spiritual and Thought Provoking.