Eat, Stroll and Wander at Chinatown Incheon

Ni Hao Ma!!!

Greetings all the way from CHINA……… town Incheon!!!

At the entrance of Chinatown in Incheon

You know what’s ridiculous about South Korea?

Everywhere you go, you always see the same thing.

If you walk at random streets, you probably see shops like Daiso, Lotteria, Paris Baguette and coffee shops like Angel-in-Us, Starbucks, and Tom N Toms among others. Korean restaurants are also everywhere, and of course, saunas and noraebang are always there too. The cities of Korea all look the same regardless of the location.

If you want to see different things in Korea, then go to places that offer different flavors to the visitors, example of this is the Chinatown in Incheon. Obviously, this place is a haven of Chinese food, buildings, products and whatnot. Aside from having a distinctive and unique atmosphere, this place is very special to both Chinese and Koreans because of its history.

A hotel designed in Chinese Architecture

A long long time ago, the Chinatown was a home to some 10,000 Chinese inhabitants of Korea. However, because of so many factors like Korean war and regulation of Chinese residents in Korea, the community had significantly decreased. Today, they still preserved the Chinese atmosphere of the place and people go to this place just to experience a little China in Korea. You can see more of these stories and about some Chinese legends on the paintings on the wall in the mural street.

Some paintings on the wall of the mural street

If you ever encountered the Korean food called “Jajangmyeon” or Noodles with bean pasta, you may want to know that this food is not just a Korean food. Jajangmyeon is actually a fusion of Chinese and Korean and this food was originated from this place. In fact, the restaurant that first served Jajangmyeon in the history of the world still exists right in the middle of Chinatown in Incheon.  There are a lot of jajangmyeon restaurant there, but if you see a restaurant with a ridiculously long line, that probably is the original maker of jajangmyeon. Other Chinese foods are also available in the menu of various restaurants in the area.

Some of the many Chinese restaurants in Chinatown

What I love about Incheon Chinatown though is the structure of the buildings because it is very Chinese. I’ve never been to China before so I don’t know how to compare it with the authentic designs, but nevertheless, taking a selfie in front of a hotel or a restaurant may make people believe that you are in China.

The busy street of Chinatown Incheon

The streets of Chinatown are always busy. People usually go to this place to eat, or buy Chinese products or just walk around. It’s a nice little place to visit if you want to feel the Chinese festivity and ambiance.

One of the many great architectures at Chinatown Incheon

It is easy to go to Incheon Chinatown. The address is located at Seollin-dong / Bukseong-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon-si (인천 중구 선린동 , 북성동 일대) but if you want to go there via public transportation, you can do so by taking the subway train Line number 1. Get off at Incheon station, and once you exit at the station, you can walk for about 3 minutes to reach the Chinatown.