How to Survive 3D works in Korea

Korea is a dreamland for most people. Thanks to the advent of Hallyu Wave as it inspires people to go to Korea to either live or travel. But for some, it's a good choice of country to work at because Korea pays decent amount of money for migrant workers. However, if you work in a manufacturing industry, you have to pay the price of a high paying job. People who want to work in Korea are always warned that jobs in a manufacturing industry maybe 3D or dangerous, demeaning and dirty. Don't worry, not all jobs are 3D, but we can't discount the fact that working in a factory is daunting and tiring. It will suck the youth and energy out of you. Imagine working in a very long hour like a robot. You would definitely feel exhausted every working day. There are several Filipino workers in Korea who died at sleep, I am no doctor and I have no evidence they died from too much work, but judging from the nature of work in Korea, it is possible that exhaustion from work combined with some bad habits can cause death. The question now is how to survive working in this kind of environment for a number of years?

I've experienced working in a 3D job for more than 4 years. At first, I thought I could not survive it because my work demands so much energy. I felt like my job was a dementor and it sucks all the joy and energy out of my helpless "katawang lupa". I learned later on that however exhausting work is, there are ways to survive it without compromising the health. Here are some tips especially to the new comers on how to stay healthy while working in a very tiring environment.

1. Eat Healthy Food, Eat Kimchi!

Don't underestimate the power of Korean side dishes especially the Kimchi. This will be your number 1 weapon to fight sickness because kimchi is one of the healthiest food in the world. Sure, you can eat meat and other delicious food your sikdang can offer, but make sure to always eat heathy food, and by healthy food I mean kimchi! You have no excuses you can't eat kimchi as this is a staple in Korean table. Don't neglect it, eat it and you will surely survive the physical challenge of your work.

2. Rest well!

As much as possible, monitor your sleeping hours. Make sure to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Limit yourself from using gadgets or binge watching Korean movies and dramas especially on a weekday. You can sure find some entertainment for yourself on a weekend or days off, but discipline yourself to sleep early so that your body can revitalize the energy you need for tomorrow's work.

3. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Refrain from drinking soju and other alcoholic drinks. Some people drink alcohol if they feel tired, but it's a very dangerous combination. If you can't help taking alcohol out of your system, then by all means minimize your intake. Don't drink alcohol every night and go to sleep. Find other ways to condition your body before going to sleep.

4. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

You might find this ridiculous. How can a tired body exercise? Remember that working is different from exercising. Your body needs some stretching, it needs to sweat and you must always make sure to condition your body before going to work. A 30 minutes exercise a day can help you boost your body's energy.

5. Improve your immune system

Health i wealth is such a cliche. You can't work if you are sick, that means, no work no money. So it is important to always make sure you take the nutrients your body needs to answer the demand of your work. However, due to time constraint because of the busy days at work, we sometimes tend to forget about the proper nutrients. We fail to monitor our food intakes and the vitamins and minerals our body must take to maintain healthy body. For this situation, food supplements are to the rescue. Try to find food products that complete with the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Philippine food herbal products are best example to help your body improve its immune system.

There are a lot of Philippine herbal products out there but the best so far are the Addlife Juice and Coffee. These two food products have all the nutrients you need to combat the stress and the physical challenge of your job in Korea. Basically, these products contain ingredients commonly found in the Philippines.They both contain Guyabano which is a natural killer of cancer cells. They also both have malunggay which is the most nutritious plant in the world. Barley is also present which is 30x powerful than vitamin b1, 6.5 times more carotene than carrots, 5 times more iron than spinach, 11 times more calcium than cow's milk, 7 times more vitamin C than orange and 4 times more vitamins B1 than whole wheat flour.

Aside from that, the Addlife health drink juice contains 12 fruits juice blend like Grape fruit, papaya, pineapple, grapes, guarana, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, apricot, black currant, apple and red orange. It's like an all in one juice drink. How could you go wrong with vegetable and fruits? Inside an Addlife health juice drink is a powerhouse, a mixture of the best of the best fruits and vegetables in the Philippines.

No need to plan for a healthy diet or a meal that can help you boost your immune system, with addlife health drink and coffee, you can have all the nutrients you need to maintain a balance and healthy diet while being busy at work. If you wish to know more about this product, feel free to visit the Facebook page and send me a message.

With the nature of work in South Korea, health is your utmost priority. You must know how to handle the stress at work so that you can sustain the energy that the work demands.


  1. ok na sana yung blog entry mo po, kaso in the end, it sounds like you're "selling/promoting" the said item..but, anyhow, a good thoughts. (just saying po. don't get me wrong, thanks) kudos to you!

    1. Hi. Yes. I do sell addlife coffee and juice. I promoted it here because I believe that it is connected to the topic of the article. Thanks for appreciating the content of this article other than my little shameless plug of the product i am selling. ��

    2. Hi, this is Engr Noy and I'm the "Anonymous" on top. And hey, it's not a shame to plug something on here (i suppose). Afterall, it's your blog and we're just a reader. I would suggest rather if you don't mind to come up with an entire entry solely for this thing. C'mon dude!!!, you do have a wide following. And I wouldn't be surprise if you done it selling like hotcakes in a short span of time. I, for one do come here in frequent. I came across this blog when I became a Seoulite a year and a half ago, and man, this helps me a lot in traversing the "ins" & "outs" of Seoul..By the way, I must say, my deep respect and salute to our Kababayan working in the so called "3D jobs". Mabuhay kayo Kabayan!!!!

    3. Hello Engr. Noy. Thanks for your 2 cents. I appreciate it and I also thank you for letting me know that this blog helps you. Hopefully next time i can make a separate blog post about this


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