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She is Karla, some people call her TravelWithKarla, but Kdrama fans call her "How To Be You Po?".

If you are into kpop or kdrama, or generally crazy over the OPPAs of South Korea, chances are, you may have stumbled upon her blog at, or competed against other fangirls to win some stuff at the TravelWithKarla Facebook Page, or an audience in one of her many trending Facebook Live. While others dream to go to Korea to satisfy their kdrama and kpop cravings, Karla had been living that dream during her stay in the country.

Her blog TravelWithKarla became an instant portal for all the K-Fans to virtually view Korea in a perspective of a fan. Whether it's about the culture, kpop, kdrama shooting locations, tourist spots and Korean lifestlye, her blog offers relevant information to the readers. Today, I am going to feature her here so that we can get to know more about Karla.

1. State your full name, your hometown in the Philippines, the city where you stayed in South Korea and your interests in life.

Annyeong! My name is Karla Elliesita D. Obispo. I was born in Manila but was raised in Dasmarinas City, Cavite. I like trying out new stuff. I believe that it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. I enjoy writing a journal about my experiences.

2. What is your work and how long did you work in South Korea?

I worked as an English teacher in Korea. Seoul to be particular. I explored Korea for about two years.

3. How did you get a job in Korea?

I’ve always been a volunteer teacher in some outreach programs. I meet a lot of people there and I keep in touch with them. A Korean pastor requested for an English teacher to worked in their church. Good thing, I was the first one who came up in the mind of his Filipino friend. I was highly recommended and they processed my visa immediately. 

4. What inspired you to travel and go to Kdrama shooting locations?

I go to tourist places once a week. At one point, I thought that there’s no more to explore in Seoul because I thought that I’ve already seen them all. I began watching Korean Dramas. While watching, I realized that I’ve already passed by those places. I thought I should go back and take pictures there too.

It feels good to be in the same place with my favorite Korean actors. I also have fun imitating the screen shots I take from the drama.

5. What’s your most memorable experience in SoKor?

My most memorable experience is when my mom and sister visited me. I realized that living in Korea is fun but I feel happier when I do fun activities with my family. Funding my mom and my sister’s trip to Korea is one of my greatest achievement in life.

6. Of All the Kdrama related places you’ve visited, what’s your most favorite and why?

My favorite is Yongin Daejanggeum Park (MBC Dramia). It’s the home of all historical Korean Dramas. I had fun exploring it wearing a hanbok. I felt that I was a part of the drama. Besides the awesome ambiance, the place is not crowded. I always see actors when I go there!

7. How did your stay in Korea influence you (if there’s any) as a person?

Living in Korea alone made me feel that I’m so independent. It made me feel so adult. I take care of my food, my laundry, my house, and myself of course. Besides being independent, living in Korea made me prioritize my health and beauty. The free gym equipment in the parks inspired me to work out every day. I chose to eat healthier food. Lastly, I adapted the Korean skin care routine.

8. If there are three places in Korea you must suggest to include in the itinerary, what are those places and why?

Garden of the Morning Calm – I love nature. It’s one of the places I saw that makes me feel that I’m in heaven. It was autumn when I first went there, and ever since I went there I kept coming back. I went back during winter and spring.

Yongin DaeJangGeum (MBC Dramia) – I think that it’s the ultimate destination of Korean Drama fans. If I only have one day in Korea, I’ll probably spend it here. In my opinion, the structures here are better than the palaces located in Seoul.

Korean Folk Village – If you want to try some Korean traditions, you have to go here. You can see a lot of traditional performances and activities there. I also like their staff who wears traditional costumes while roaming around the village.

9. If you will be given a chance to go back to Korea, are you going back? Why?

Definitely! I want to explore some provinces outside Seoul. I also want to visit more Korean Drama Filming locations. I’m planning to go there next year for a quick vacation.

10. What are the three things you missed about Korea?

I miss the fast internet, the efficient transportation, and the cold weather.

11. About your blog,, what article is the most read of all time?

The most read articles are “Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have” and “Goblin Shooting Locations” It’s funny because I own a travel blog yet the most read are all about dramas. “Reasons for Denial of Korean Visa”, “7 Days Itinerary in Seoul”, and “Filipino Budget Trip to Korea” are also well read. 

12. What kind of information do you usually share on your blog?

I usually share about the itineraries I used. I write about some trivias, and directions on how to go to a certain tourist spot.

13. How did you start your blogging stint?

My work in Korea is not really time consuming. I usually teach 1 to 3 hours per day. I had a lot time to write during the time when I finish preparing for my classes.

14. Outside Korea, where are you going to take “Travel with Karla”?

I’m planning to take Travel with Karla around the world. I actually decided to go back to Philippines so I can explore my own country first. I’m inspired by a lot of foreign bloggers who say that Philippines is the most beautiful country they have ever been.

15. Last but not the least! Who is your favorite Oppa? Why?

Hahahaha! My favorite oppa is Jo Jung-Suk! I like his dramas especially the Oh My Ghostess and Jealousy Incarnate. Can I add more? I also like Ji Chang Wook! I first saw him in The K2, then Healer and Suspicious partner. I think he’s the manliest oppa.

I’ve seen both of them when I went to Baeksang Awards. I decided to shout saranghae oppa to catch their attention than to take pictures. I decided to live in the moment.


Well done Karla! Thank you for sharing a little piece of you by answering these questions. Now, we know you better than before. And for that, I think you deserve the title Philippine Ambassadress of Kpop/Kdrama Fan. We are excited to read your future travelogues and adventure.

God Bless!