Meet the Cutie Bears at the Teseum Museum in Seoul

Good news Bear lovers, you don't need to go to Jeju Island just to meet the cute life sized bears because they already brought them in Seoul. Yes, you read it right. The cuties are in Seoul now and it is now easy to find them and play with them.

If you don't know about it yet, Teseum is a world-renown museum. It has hundreds of life-sized teddy bears and dolls ready to amuse every visitor of the museum. Unlike any other museums, Teseum allows visitors to interact with the bears, and by interaction I mean people can touch them, take photo with them and even play with them.

It's not difficult to find Teseum Museum because it is located just in front of Exit 6 of Dongmyo Station. You will never get lost because the moment you go out of the subway, you will see life-sized statue of the bears giving some funky, funny and wacky pose to attract attention. Then there's a cave like entrance decorated with bears statue as if inviting everyone to enter the mysterious cave.

I found it spooky, but I entered anyways, and I was surprised to be greeted with more bears. There are bear statues everywhere designed in different fashion with different concepts. I just thought that it's a very interesting world to enter.

Inside the museum, there are different rooms where they all display bears portraying different roles. Every room has a concept, there's a room for working bears, there's a room for kiddie bears, there's also a room for movie star bears, and a room for winter bears.

Aside from the bears (how many times I mentioned this word), there are also other kinds of animals in the museum. There's a Safari room where all animals you could imagine in the safari is present. There are elephants, snakes, zebras and whatnot.

There's also underwater world where you get to see underwater animals. Sharks, fishes, turtles and more. But of course, they're all in the form of statues and caricatures, so you could definitely see them doing nothing but just as good as display or whatever you call it.

So I guess if you want some indoor adventures and never mind mingling with hundred of lifeless but life-sized bears and other animals, Teseum Museum is perfect for you to visit. Teseum Museum is located at 03121 Season Building B1, 19 Jibong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul. It is open all year long, including Holidays. Entrance Fee is only 13,000 KRW. Aside from the Teddy Bear exhibitions, there are also shop, cafes and convenience store inside the museum.


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