Street Dancing Competition at the 14th F'lomlok Festival Showcased the Municipality's Diverse Culture

The Municipality of Polomolok in the Province of South Cotabato has recently concluded its 14th F'lomlok Festival and at the same time the 60th Foundation Anniversary of the Municipality with a Street Dancing Competition. The three contenders from the different schools in Polomolok showcased their talents as they presented the different tribes of the municipality.

The first contestant was from Poblacion Polomolok National High School (PPNHS). They presented not one, not two, but three different tribes and the early settlers of Municipality. The dancers walked us down the memory lane as they showed the history of Polomolok in a very entertaining way. It's a story telling about how it all started, from the early settler tribes Maguindanaoans, B'laans and the Kapatagan, to the former mayors of the municipality, they showed how the place turned into an industrial municipality as it develops throughout the years.

The second group from Landang National High School Streetdancers proudly presented the B'laan tribe as they portrayed some rites, culture and traditions in artistic ways. The B'laan tribe played a vital role in the history of Polomolok, and it is essential that people of this municipality know and respect the tradition of the tribe. The dancers encapsulated in their performance the culture of the tribe of B'laans to pay respect to the early settlers of this Municipality.

On the other hand, the third group from Christian School of Polomolok shared a story about the tribe of Maguindanaoans. The colorful costumes, the head turner props and the beautiful movements of the dancers have captured the heart of the audience as they presented the story of Maguindanaoans. It was such a charming performance and at the same time informative as we got to know more about the culture of the tribe.

At the end of the competition, PPNHS was the Champion, Landang National High School won first place and Christian School of Polomolok landed on the second place. The three teams represented the tribes of their choice. Although there are different movements, costumes and traditions, the street dancing competition showed the importance of unity and respect despite the diversity of culture.