How to Vote for Christian Saraos at MBC's Kpop Idol Survival Show “Under Nineteen” (언더 나인틴 )

Christian Saraos at MBC's Under Nineteen Show
Christian Saraos is the one and only Filipino contestant in MBC's new TV audition show called “Under Nineteen” (언더 나인틴 ). The aim of the show is to select new members of the next generation K-pop idols. There are about 57 aspiring contestants who will compete  to get a spot in the new K-pop idol group. There are three categories to show off their skills, the contestants must be able to showcase their talents in terms of vocals, rap and performance.

Out of 57 contestants, Christian Saraos is the only Filipino. He is 18 years old and he came from Marikina Philippines. Prior to joining the show, Christian was already doing a lot of K-pop covers in his Youtube Channel under the name Chunghee Saraos. Not only that, Christian has already won several K-pop competitions not only in the  Philippines but also in the international stage like the United States.

Under Nineteen has already started last November 3, 2018. Christian was one of the aspiring idols introduced in the show. There's an on going online voting that will end on December 1, 2018 at 9:00 PM. In order to vote, voters must register at the 11 Street website under the Korean language. Global registrants are not accepted. You also need to have a phone number in Korea to vote. Here's the process on how to cast your online vote for Christian.

1. Register at the Membership page of 11 Street website. Click the link below and click "희원가입" as shown in the image.

2. In the “개인 구매회원” tab, click “가임하기” button

3. In the next page, tick the “모두 동의” checkbox then click 다음 button at the bottom of the page

4. Fill up the form as shown in the image below. After filling up the form, click the “회원가임” button at the bottom of the page.

5. Then you will get this confirmation

6. Check your email address and click “11번가 가입” button.

7. Now, go to the voting page.

    If you are using PC to vote, use this link:

    If you are using MOBILE, use this link:

8. Select your 9 bets. Make sure that Christian is included in your selection. You can randomly pick the other 8. Christian is using the Korean name “크리스티안” and he is the last picture under the Performance(Blue tab) category.

    NOTE: If you haven't login yet, a pop up box will appear asking you to login first before voting. Just click it and login using the ID and password you registered in Procedure number 4.

9. After logging in and selecting your 9 votes, click “9명이게 투표하기” button.
10. You will get this pop up. This is asking you to verify your participation. Just Click 분인인증하기

11. In the next page, you need to fill up the form, this is to verify your vote via Mobile Phone. In the form, enter your name, birthdate, sex, your citizenship, select your carrier and your phone number.

12. After entering the phone number, you must click “인증번호 전송” button. This will send a code to your mobile number.
13. Enter the code you received in your mobile number
14. Tick the checkboxes at the bottom and click “휴대폰 본인인증” button

You should be able to receive confirmation that your vote has been accepted.

To follow the journey of Christian Saraos along with other 57 boys in Under Nineteen, you can watch the show on MBC every Saturday at 6:25 PM KSTwill have 14 episodes.


  1. The phone carrier is only available in about foreigner? Cannot vote?

  2. I'm not Korean. I don't have Korean phone number 😫

  3. How to have korea mobile phone number?

  4. I really want to vote for us. But i am not korean. Whether having another way to vote for us

  5. guys..for the phone number you may search some numbers in wikipedia..trial an error and it went through..the format that worked for me was 010XXXXXXX (just substitute random numbers for the 'X')

    1. but will that let you receive your verification code?? By the way Im from Philippines

    2. It also worked for me. Thank ya!

    3. yes it worked, but when we vote in mbc website, then the form ask for us to give the phone number then they give us a verification number, so its not work anymore because we never get that verification. its really sad for me bcs only korean fans can vote for them, even i want it to:(

  6. but will that let you teceive a verification code??? by the way im from the philippines

  7. I can't vote ny Idol 😑😑😑


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