Up Close and Personal with Exotic Animals at Genalin Park Zoo & Rescue Center in Tacurong City

Fun Photo Opp at the entrance of the zoo
Finally, people in the Southern Philippines area don't need to go somewhere else far just to see world's exotic animals because in Tacurong City, Genalin Park Zoo and Rescue Center houses different kinds of animals. Since its opening last year, the zoo attracted thousands of tourists not only in the Tacurong area but also in the neighboring cities.

I was able to visit the zoo with my family last New Year's day. As expected, the zoo was crowded as people from the SOCCSKSARGEN area flocked to this place to celebrate New Year. The good thing about Genalin Park Zoo is that, eventhough it's crowded, it has enough space to accommodate all patrons.


Safe cages to protect both animals and humans
 Since this is a zoo, expect that you'll see different kinds of animals, and by animals I mean including the dangerous ones like lions, tigers and snakes. But don't freak out, if you have phobia with dangerous animals, I guarantee your safety. The animals are well caged to make sure that people can watch them closer without compromising the safety of both the animals and the humans.


A zoo that kids can fully enjoy
I also noticed that the zoo has a lot of kids visitors that day. Kids can play all around the area, there's also a playground and an animal show that I'm sure every kid can really enjoy. For harmless animals, kids and even adult can even touch them. Aside from that, if you bring your children to this zoo, they will learn a lot about animals and its habitat.


Animals are friendly at Genalin Zoo

What I like most about this zoo is that, you can actually touch some of them and even feed them. Just like the doves flying freely in the open space. The doves are friendly enough to fly near you and eat whatever food offerings you have for them. The same is true with the ostrich and even the dangerous animals like the crocodile.


A lot of fun stuff like this mini animal park

Aside from animals and animal show, visitors can generally have fun at Genalin zoo because they have some fun amenities like this mini park located just at the exit of the zoo where visitors can take photos with animal statues.


The zoo is 10-hectare big that it can accommodate a lot of vehicles in its parking area. Inside the zoo, caged animals have enough space to breath and visitors can freely walk around despite the crowd especially on a weekend. The location is also accessible as it is just located at Barangay Calean in Tacurong City.

We definitely had a blast seeing all those animals we saw in the books came to life. It's always a joy to see camels, tigers, lions, crocodiles, snakes, birds, ostriches, and a lot more moving in motion. Next time you decide to go out with your family, go visit Genalin Park Zoo and Rescue Center, you will not only enjoy, you'll also learn!