How K-Pop Influences Philippine Politics?

I woke up one morning to Momoland's famous song Boom Boom. It was loud, louder than 10 alarm clocks combined. I calmed myself out of my stupor and realized that the song was tagalized. I listened eagerly and later on found out that it's actually repeating a surname in the lyrics. Now that explains it, it's campaign period all over again, and the politician is wise enough to use a famous song like this for their jingle.

Not too long after that, another vehicle with a sound system passed by with another K-pop song campaigning for another candidate. I don't know how music copyright works, but I wonder if agencies of this K-pop songs are aware that somewhere in the province of Philippines, some politicians are using their songs to gain voters. I guess the politicians in the Philippines are capitalizing on the idea of “Kinain ng sistema ng K-pop” to gain support especially the millineals.

If you are a voter and a hardcore K-pop fan, would you vote for a candidate just because they're using your idol's famous song? On the contrary, would you not vote for the politician for murdering the fandom's anthems? Whether it has positive or negative effect, only one thing is for sure, the politician was able to advertise its profile and platform in the most creative and annoying way.

I just find it funny though that although there's a massive alteration to the lyrics of the song, and by alteration I mean replacing every single word into political message, I still see kids dancing to the tune. So I guess that's the advantage of using such familiar music for political campaign, people will listen to it, and at the end of it all, the campaign has penetrated into every listener's subconscious.

I wonder how Kpop fans in the Philippines react to this. Are you annoyed by how the politician tweaked the lyrics of your favorite K-pop song?