Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Filipino Casts of the Remake of Korean Movie Miracle in Cell Number 7

The 2013 Korean movie “Miracle in Cell No. 7” has made a great impact to the world, especially the Philippines. Unlike any other Korean movies, this is not a love story. It is a comedy-drama film which starred Korean stars Ryu Seung-ryong, Kal So-won, and Park Shin-hye.

The premise of the movie is about a mentally challenged man named Yong-gu who was wrongfully imprisoned. His inmates will help him see his daughter again.

The 3 main characters of the movie will soon have its Filipino counterparts in the remake of Miracle in Cell Number 7. The character of Yong-gu will be played by Mr. Aga Mulach, while Xia Vigor will play the role of Aga's daughter. Bella Padilla on the other hand will play the adult version of Xia's character.

Miracle in Cell Number 7 will be part of 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival. Full casts of Pinoy Remake of Miracle in Cell Number 7 will be revealed soon.

Friday, August 2, 2019


Everybody who watched  TRAIN TO BUSAN is still experiencing zombie apocalypse hangover after more than one year since the release of the movie. Fans of the said movie are demanding a sequel of the movie, they want to see more about what happened after the zombie outbreak as depicted in the movie TRAIN TO BUSAN.

Well, the producers and the director heard you. Another zombie movie is set to be released this 2019 and it's a sequel to the epic TRAIN TO BUSAN. The title of the movie is BANDU, a Korean word which means PENINSULA. So it's safe to say that the setting is not just on the train or in Busan but the whole Korean Peninsula.

The movie is set four years after what happened to the train to Busan. Actor Kang Dong Won will topbill the movie as one of the last surviving people. He will be joined by another actress Lee Jung Hyun whose character is a strong woman who will help people fight and survive the deads. Another actor to join the team is Kwon Hae Yo who will portray as a prominent doctor. Kim Min Jae is also one of the casts.

As of now, the premise of the movie is still at scarce. Aside from revealing the casts, the film hasn't released any teaser yet, just some movie posters and a little introduction to the story. We will soon see the teaser of Bandu once available. Are you excited to watch Train To Busan Part 2?