Applicants With These Physical Conditions Are Prohibited to Work as Factory Worker in South Korea

If you want to work in South Korea as a factory worker, you have to go through the process of Point System. Unlike the EPS-TOPIK based recruitment, the newly implemented point system is more challenging as it comprehensively examine not only the Korean language skill of the applicants but also the skills, experiences and most of all, the physical conditions.

Under the new Point based system, applicants with the following physical conditions are prohibited to work in South Korea.

1. Color Blindness
2. Color Weakness
3. Slip discs
4. Finger Amputations
5. Other Physical Handicaps

Eventhough you passed the language test, you cannot pass the point system if you have physical conditions as stated above. This list was included in the “Announcement on Implementation of Point System for Recruitment of Foreign Workers” as posted in POEA website. You can check in their website for further verification.


  1. I am a healthy carrier of Hepa B, is there any way that I can still be able to work in Korea, thanks (eps passer)

  2. Am i still disqualified even having a glasses for colorblind?

  3. I'm HIV positive can I still work korea?

  4. Colorblind people are not blind. We can see things clearly, we can read and we can work normally. Why you discriminate us. Please give us chance.


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