Filipina Migrant Shares “Ghost Town-ish” Photos of COVID19 Hit Daegu

The downtown Daegu (Photo Credit: Shin Nyledam)

On Sunday Evening, South Korean government set COVID19 alert  to its “Highest” level as numbers of infected individuals spiked up to more than 800 already. Of the more than 800 confirmed patients, 7 have already died(as of this writing) and there's a possibility that the number will continue to grow.

COVID19 has spread through different areas of South Korea, but the most numbers of patients came from Daegu, a city in the southern part of South Korea. A Filipina Migrant who lived in Daegu shared some photos of a once lively and Colorful Daegu. I've been to Daegu once before and I can say that this city is Alive especially at night where the street food market is the star of the show.

On her Facebook timeline, she posted this area which is at the corner of Olive Young and H&M. According to her, this area right here used to have a lot of people, but as per her latest visit, not a single soul is found in the area.

Another area notorious for having a lot of people is the Downtown stage. This stage right here is where most of the city's event is held to entertain the public. After the COVID19 outbreak, not a single event is held in this area.

This is Debec Baekhwajeom in the Downtown area. No people, just news person trying to get a scope on the area.

There are still public buses going around the city but most of them only contain 1 to 4 passengers, some have even no passenger at all.

Businesses are greatly affected because even the shopping centers are empty.

This street right here used to be a busy street especially during Sunday because Churchgoers usually pass through here to go to church. 

She also mentioned the eerie silence in Pyeongli Dong Lotte Castle. This place was used to be the playground of kids and old people usually go here to catch some sunlight. 

At Primemall, this is now how the usual day looks like.

Commuting too is very difficult because there are only few taxis available in the area. The author of the post has to gear up like this to ensure maximum protection.

As of this writing, Daegu has been locked down as they traced the spread of virus from a Daegu based cult .


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