What Places to Visit in Surigao Del Sur

Surigao Del Sur is probably one of the underrated provinces in the Philippines. I didn't know that this place has so much gem to offer to the public. If one day you think of spending your all day hopping from one beauty of nature to another, go to Surigao Del Sur. With its sandy beaches, salty river and overflowing waterfalls, you simple can't help but be amazed with this place.

I had the chance to spend my whole day exploring the province of Surigao Del Sur. Although I must say that one day is not enough to discover all the natural beauty of this place, one day of going from one island to another, is such a wonderful treat. Here's what I covered for my day tour at Surigao Del Sur.

1. Britania Village

A small village where usually is the starting point if you want to go on island hopping. It's a coastal area where you can feel fresh air from the sea, dine in at some fancy restaurant and taste the best of Filipino food or check in at guest houses with hospitable hosts if you plan to stay there for more than one day.

2. Hagonoy Island

Hagonoy is one of the most famous islands in Britania. It's just a boat ride away from the village. It has white sands and there are variety of plants in the island which makes it more interesting. In this island, you can relax under the coconut tree while watching the waves of the sea. In this island too you can eat the healthy “tuyom” or sea urchins, raw and alive. And oh by the way, prepare to see a lot of green algae by the seashore.

3. Boslon Island

If Hagonoy Island boasts off its nature-ish ambiance, Boslon Island is unique because of its interactive features. There are a lot of water activities you can enjoy in this island such as banana boat, jet ski, and more. Entry to water activities are quite pricey though, but the adrenaline rush it causes worth it. Of all the islands we've visited that day, I guess Boslon is my personal favorite.

4. Naked Island

Next is the Naked Island. Unlike the other two islands, this one has serene ambiance because there's nothing in this island, as in nothing. All you see is the white sand surrounded by the clean water of the sea, that's why it's called Naked Island.

5. Enchanted River

Unlike the island hopping where we were able to visit via a boat, the Enchanted River is located in Hinatuan which is far from Britania Village. We have to take the van just to get there. It is called enchanted because the water is unbelievably blue, a very clear blue water that looks so magical. It's a spring saltwater river that flows into the Pacific Ocean. Be very careful when you swim in this river because as enticing as it may seem, it's actually very very deep and everybody is required to wear a life jacket.

6. Doll House

Somewhere in Bislig, there's an international doll house where it features different kind of dolls from different region of Philippines and different countries. The dolls are neatly arranged to amuse the visitors as they represent the culture and characteristics of the countries they represent.

7. Ocean View Park

A park located in the coastal area and in the elevated place with a great view of the sea. Aside from it being a park, the gastronomes would definitely love to stay here as there are variety of food in the canteen.

8. Bislig Baywalk

Enjoy some fresh air at the baywalk in Bislig. A good 10 to 15 minutes stop in this area would definitely complete your whole Surigao Del Sur tour. It's like a playground slash park but the fact that it is located by the bay, you would definitely love to stay a little longer just to relax.

I'm sure there are still great places to visit in Surigao Del Sur. As much as I want to visit them all, I have so little time I can't afford to travel more in this beautiful province of Philippines. Next time you go to Surigao, consider the places I've listed in this post.