D'Appetite- A One Piece Themed Resto in Surallah

D'Appetite interior design

I just noticed that my beloved hometown, Surallah, is booming nowadays because there are a lot of developments in the area. If there's one “barometer” for me to know that a particular town is progressing, it's the opening of new businesses, and by new I mean trending, in demand and social media friendly.

D'Appetite Milk Tea counter

D'Appetite, although not new in the business, is innovating its products and theme to catch up with the millennial market. The new D'Appetite has changed not only its location but also its marketing strategy. This time, they tapped into the ever trending milktea bandwagon. Aside from the Classic Milk Tea which you can buy for only P99 for two(as their promo price), they also offer Premium Milk Tea (Taro Cream, Choco Cream Cheese, Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Strawberry Oreo, Salted Wintermelon), Fruit Tea Series (Peach, Passion Fruit, Kiwi, Banana, Lychee, Green Apple, Pineapple), Ultimate Milk Series (Brown Signature Sugar, Milky Mango Oreo, Milky Cream Cheese), Soda Pops (Sweet Grapes, Strawberry, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Green Apple), and Yogurt Series (Sweet Grapes, Green Apple, Strawberry and Mango). With these wide selection of different milk tea flavors, you will surely quench your thirst in an instant. Aside from the variety of options and choices, all milk tea prices are very affordable, even students can afford.

Enjoying milk tea at D'Appetite

The original food on their menu is still present especially the giant burger. This is one burger where the whole troops can share because it is so huge. It's a perfect food to order for barkada or family. They also offer seafoods like scallops and talaba, so this place is not only for merienda and chill, but also for lunch or even dinner.

With the owner of D'Appetite

Aside from the unique food on their menu and the milk tea, D'Appetite is a head turner on its own because of the One Piece characters being painted all over the wall of the restaurant. The owner actually hired a local artist in Koronadal city just to paint the characters. It's so happened that the husband of the owner is a fan of One Piece, so she got the inspiration of the theme from him. So if you want to dine in with Straw hat and Pirate Hunter, you could drool over their giant painted images while sipping your favorite milk tea flavor.

D'Appetite is located beside Holy Child in Surallah, South Cotabato. It is very easy to locate seeing that it's just along the high way. If you're coming from Koronadal City, you have to drop off before the round ball, or you can just locate the Holy Child College because the shop is located beside it. They have live band every Friday night, so you can chill and enjoy until midnight. The shop is open everyday until midnight. Whether you would like to dine in, have some snacks or drink with friends, D'Appetite is open to serve you.