Will there be Coldplay x BTS Collaboration?

BTS X Coldplay collaboration
BTS X Coldplay collaboration

Rumors of the collaboration of Coldplay and BTS started when BTS made a cover of Coldplay’s FIX YOU on MTV Unplugged and how they are being vocal on their love and respect to Coldplay on their past interviews. Then when fans spotted Chris Martin in South Korea earlier this month, fans are quick to think that there could be a possible collaboration.

However, as both sides didn’t really confirm the rumor, ARMYs are not getting their hopes high on this. Chris Martin is also keeping his mouth shut on this topic. During his interview with Capital FM, when asked about the collaboration rumor, Chris Martin just smiled and answered that he doesn’t know everything, and laughed. The interviewer understood that this is something that Chris should not speak about, so they quickly changed topic.  And the same thing happened when he was interviewed at My FM to promote his new single “Higher Power”. Christ Martin pretended to have not heard the question of the interviewer and just laughed at it. For some weird reason, the interviewer easily picked up that Chris Martin is avoiding the collaboration with BTS question, and so they quickly changed the topic.

In my own opinion, if there is nothing going on between the BTS and Coldplay team up, Chris could just easily say NO, right? No big deal. But if something is not meant to be announced yet, then they’re probably brewing something on hindsight. After all, BTS is set to release a single by the end of May and Coldplay is also busy promoting their new song. The idea of collaboration would probably help both boats stay afloat. I don’t know, that’s just my personal opinion.

I am not getting everybody’s hope up high, but unless there’s a confirmation from either BTS or Coldplay, we can just hope and wish that this will happen soon. This is not the first time that Coldplay visited South Korea though. I was able to watch their A Head Full of Dreams concert tour in Korea way back 2017. You can read my Coldplay concert experience in Korea HERE.