What To Do During Seollal Holidays in South Korea?

Seollal or Lunar New Year is one of the many holidays in South Korea. Typically, this holiday lasted up to four days. If you don't have work during these holidays, you might be thinking of what to do with the days off from work.

Here are few of my suggestions:

1.) Go to Chinatown Incheon
Since Seollal is also known as Chinese New Year, Chinatown in Incheon would surely celebrate this occasion bigtime!
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2.) Enjoy Winter Activities
Sledding, skiing, ice skating and even ice fishing. Take this opportunity to enjoy the winter season of Korea. I would suggest ice skating at Yeouido Park.
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3.) Food Trip!
Why not? Go to buffet restaurants or some old Korean restaurants to reward yourself with food. I think going to Myeongdong for some street food trip would be nice.

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So there you go. Now, if you don't feel like doing anything, then just relax and sleep. And for those who have work, Good Luck!

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